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Should I or not?

So Im 17 in high school and I like this guy. So this guy he's really funny but we never like talk, the closest we can get to a conversation is three sentences. So this guy, I see him looking at me alot, and I've seen him red whenever I'm near him. Well this guy, has a best mate, and they're close as. The best mate has a girlfriend. The problem is, the guy I like and his best mates girlfriend are now together. She cheated on his best mate and now they're together. After I found out, I realised how much of a dick he is, and the two best mates are no longer as close as they were. Now he's a guy i used to like, but now that she's with him, he talks to me more often. He makes an effort, but I don't know if I should hate him for what he did. I don't if I actually stopped liking him, or if I hate him more rather than liking him.

Should I or not?

It was suppose to be d#@k not penis haha

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