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Iam hving depression for 12 years..Though I intake so many medicines i am not recovering from this..i had meditation.But im not getting concentration at all,so i skipped dat father had died.My mother is very much worried abt my marriage.Every one keep on asking when will happen and all.My classmates all got married.Whenever i come out of my house i feel everyone is looking at i hesitate to go out in public places.I feel I make everyone to look at me whenever dere is a crowd.To some extent i feel dere is truth in dat.Bcoz of dis i didnt complete my degree.I have no friends.Can anyone help me out to come out of dis?i want a married life.I really want to marry someone i love.Pls help me...


you need to stand on your feet,personally and prof,get a job and ask people to find a groom for u the ones who pester you,have more self can do it.

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