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Man in need of relationship and life advice!

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on Oct 16 2013 at 08:18
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Relationship advice me:hello

her: hi!

me: did u read my msg?

me: can u call me?

her: no, I'm the only wine awake

me: ok, well can you explain what you ment by the message you sent me yesterday

her: yeh, i just did

her: i feel like we are not so much on good sides now

her: and i don't want us to be forced living together

her: i feel this will only create troubles

her: and we have said in the past that it would have probably smarter to have our own spots just because we are so different

her: i feel really good now, l love my life and i am so balanced. i don't want this to be taken away. i turn off all the electronics by 10 and take a bath and sleep. i need this in order to stay balanced and i can't have that with you

me: okcan i say something now

her: yup

me: please stop this now! i cant take this kinda pain over and over. first u are okay with me then u are mad then ur okay again then ur worried. i am a few days from comming home and now you are telling me when i get here that i dont have a welcome home after being away for 3 months so we can be together. everything i have done since i first got my ticket to Austria was for us to be together. and this was my hardest task in life yet. all i have wanted since iv been here was your support. i can understand if we are diffrent and you need this and i need that. i even understand if u want to be by your self

me: but i cant take anymore pain while im in serbia. i have no wall to lean apon

me: wait

her: you said it yourself all the time.

her: we both know it

me: just wait

her: i need it clean, i need it quiet, i don't have that with you

me: please stop im not done

her: i am terrified of you coming back. i need my balanced relaxed place


her: why would 2 people that kept arguing non stop for months live together? that is bs

me: ok

me: i get you

me: just wait

me: we dont have to be a couple chiara but now that i have been here 3 months i need a place to live, idk if i can stay with friends. i just dont know

me: i wish you had told me this sooo much ealier

me: so i could just go home

me: the last few days u told me of finding this now place and im excited

me: now i know i dont have it

her: just ask friends. sasan has room mates, we don't know how much space they have and you always wanted to stay with michaels and told me you can go there anytime, now its problem?

me: you could at least let me come home for a while so i could feel normal then tell me but you make me go through hell then tell me

me: omg

her: i need to be alone if we are trying to talk. i won't have enough space to breath with you. we will always argue and i can't take that

me: i cant believe ur telling me this

her: i need my space and you need yours.

her: we know that

me: ok but tell me when i get there so i can plan and rest from this hell

me: wtf is this?

me: really

me: this is crewelty

me: i have no garentied living

me: when i fought like hell to just live there in the first place

me: i fought like hell here in serbia alone while we argued here and didnt always even have ur support and at the verry end you throw me away like trash

me: ever have i thought you capable of this (NEVER)

me: ok i cant take any more

me: thanks for the chat but yet again im am led to another heart break

me: now my whole day has gone to shit and its only 8am.

Man in need of relationship and life advice!
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on Oct 17 2013 at 03:29
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Sounds like you'll be fine. Keep on truckn'

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