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Lead me on, dumped her but 3 months later she is working at he same place as me

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on Oct 17 2013 at 06:54
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Emotional advice have been dating that girl for 2 years... We had feelings for each other but before our actual dating, she broke off with her ex who cheated on her thrice. After one year she told me that she was still friends with him but that she needed time to move on.. I gave her all the space she needed. We were both in the same class at university and it was kinda hard for me to not talk to her..

After several small disputes she told me that she was not ready to be in a relationship. I was disapointed with her but she started dating me all over again. But in December last year, she told me that she met a guy and even kissed him but she told me that it was not intentional, that she still has feelings for me...

At the end of university life, she told me not to worry or get jealous, that she will sort things out. Then she went to a vacation and found out through some photos that she went there with the guy. I did not tell her about this but on Monday we had some discussions and then things started going upside down... I told her what she wanted exactly and what was she up to. She told me that she was having good time with the boy, he was different but when she is with him, she thinks about me,Well I just raged and told her "and me in all of this ? do you care about my feelings? Should I accept everything you throw at me? She just told me that nothing is concrete...I just told her that even though I loved you, I can't remain friends with you and she just told me that "you are an hypocrite" " I remained friends with my ex but you are just dumping me?" What the is that ? Why should I ever remain in contact with her? and she asked me if we will not talk at the graduation. I just told her "a resounding never!

Why am I and hypocrite in this?

Should I even talk/congratulate her for the Graduation ceremony in November ? Yesterday I went for my interview and learned that she was working there too. How should I manage this.. Maybe she completely forgot about me but for me, I'm still not healed and I'm just blaming myself :(

Lead me on, dumped her but 3 months later she is working at he same place as me
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on Oct 17 2013 at 17:31
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no you are not a hypocrite.She does not know who or what she wants.give her time or just move on.

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