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Can I trust her?

- Oct 20 2013 at 12:18
Member since: Oct 2013
Emotional advice I've been with my first love on an off for about ten years now but everytime were apart she is really easy to pick up and basically gives it away and I've tried talking to her aboutitan she says she knows and she's ashamedof it and its not her anymore, but then we split up again an got back together an now we've had our first child I've found out that she was the same again while we were apart, even worse than before, so we've spoke again an its the same story as before, I know we were apart but its the charachter and trust of her that's in question an I need to know if I'm fighting a losing battle or not? Please if you have any experience in this situation let me know wot youdone an how it worked out!

Can I trust her?

- Oct 21 2013 at 02:46
Member since: Oct 2013

Thank you for your openness, I hope my words will be of some help.

First loves are hard to give up. Sometimes we constantly compare them to the next, or constantly hope the next will completely rid us of the memory of them (if the break up was bad).

Your basically calling your child's mother easy... That's seems to be the point your trying to make, however, now that you have a child together I can understand why you are concerned with the company she keeps (or allows to go back and forth).

My question to you is do you still want a relationship with her? Such as being a couple again and living together? If so, are your concerns is if she'll be faithful to you?

If not, your number one priority should be keeping a cordial relationship for the child you share together. Tell her you know you aren't together anymore and she can see whom she likes, however, she needs to be considerate of your son's well being. That she is not bringing strangers into your home with your child.

Also, remind her that you still care for her (because she is your family, in some sense) and her safety and well being is just as important to you as your child's.

Good Luck!

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