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Should I Wait For Him?

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on Oct 21 2013 at 17:08
Member since: 21 October 2013
Housing advice As of lately I haven't been feeling the same way I have felt about my boyfriend when he first met, at first everything was great, you know those feelings. We been together for 3 years now, I let him move in with me into my mother's house. Now I found a sublet studio apartment, once after January comes I want to offically move out into a space that's mine. NYC is a very expensive area and I started feeling a bit discouraged. He offers no kind of encouragement when I need it. Adding to that he very dry, as in he doesn't say things or do things that makes me feel loved. He is paying for other things, but in case I do move out I don't want to be the only one paying the bills and he lives basically for free. I think when I find my place I don't want to live with him. Should I wait til he gets it together and not have him move in with me or should I just let him live with me?
Should I wait for him?
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on Oct 21 2013 at 21:55
Member since: 21 October 2013
You don't know how long this guy will take to 'get it together' - it might be many years. The way he treats you is not indicative of love or care. You will regret putting up with his bad treatment if you allow him to move in with you to the new place. You can do much better than this guy. New place - new start in every way! If you need to share the expenses with someone, ask a friend or advertise for a roomate with good references.

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