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Don't know the rules of dating anymore

I'm a 39 year old man out of the dating scene for a long time. The last time that I was dating texting had not even been invented. So I was at a meditation meetup and met a woman there. I asked her out to coffee after the meetup and we went that night. Everything seemed to go great. I got her number after I walked her to her car. It used to be a minimum 3 day wait period before you should call a woman but I've been reading that that's not the case anymore. I waited 4 days and sent her a text just saying that it was nice talking to her. She hasn't texted me back. So I'm wondering if I should text her again and if so how long should I wait?

Don't know the rules of dating anymore

I am not one to discuss the norm for todays dating scene as I am married and 52 however, I think that early on there should be communication by phone not texting. She probably is looking to "hear" from you not "read" from you. Give her a call and you may be pleasantly surprised. Good Luck!

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