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Urgent help plz boyfriend broke up with me? If it's him or sad seasonal affective

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Relationship advice I very sad and confused. I met someone nearly nine months ago and we hit it off straight away via Internet and phone at first and when we met it was good too. I think we were both nervous etc. He lives an hour away so at the moment distance hasn't been good but I try to go there every 2 weeks I would go weekly but he doesn't want me too. He asked me to be his girlfriend 8 weeks into dating. Money has been a problem and going out to places that way but we always managed to try and do things together no matter what. We speak on the phone every day only not talked may be 4 times in all that 9 months.

We talked about our future etc and plans a little but life's been harder for him this month and he's worrying this week he may have to leave his flat. He also has S.A.D. Seasonal Affective Disorder which he suffers with and winters hitting and he gets depressed so nothing is helping.

Yesterday he phoned and like usual we spoke for over 3 hours and said good bye. Latter I put a comment on Facebook and he replied it seemed a little off couldn't understand? We typed for a while an hour or two laughing etc but then something I didn't understand in general and he was trying to explain to me and he just said " LOL, I feel like I have to explain everything." "I'm done here, we can still be friends". I don't understand any of it. I tried to talk to him but he just wanted to go, yet after going he was coming back on Facebook 30 minutes latter? Twice? (He had been drinking too.)

I've been in a state. I love him and he hasn't called me today at all. I don't know what to do. I'm confused cause for months he says the only good thing in his life is me, just job and money and everything else is bad. I know he's down with it all, I've borrowed him money I could and tried to be there for him but don't know what to really do to help. I love him and don't want to lose him. Please help. What should I do to get him back and I thought he really wanted us, I guess I'm also worried cause when we first started talking it was great but a few weeks in I told him of a bad break up I had just been in and said how upset I was cause that person dumped me by text. He then sent an unusual text at 10 am saying that I was dumped. At first I though he was joking (but cruel joke) he always banters and jokes. He latter couldn't talk to me so I said he wasn't fair and finally he talked and explained that he had sad and blamed it on that and it had never happened like that before and he was sorry. He couldn't explain why he did it? So I don't know what's GOING ON NOW. IS IT THIS ( SAD Seasonal affective disorder) has he gone off me but if he had gone off me why ring me almost every day and speak to me every day and say that I'm the only good thing in his life? I'm really confused regarding all of this and I know he's depressed with losing his flat and a lot of other stuff etc... it was a decision he had to make this week...
This is the first time he's ever acted this way so confuses me even more but I've tried calling today not sure if he was in but never answered and text him saying "i hope ur ok? i really care for you, plz we need to lonely" I know he cant text back but when I tried his house phone he's engaged? Not long after... but then half an hour latter it rung again but he wudent answer and i dont think he was out..(he doesn't go out much etc)
I know he's going out tomorrow for the night to a friends birthday party so guess I'm worried he could end up with some one else etc...
I feel we need to talk, worried he may leave the flat and I won't be able to get hold of him again and he owes me money... yes most of us would think the worst but if you really knew this guy you wudent think it really I'm 42 an he's 36 and I've had a lot of bad men in my life so I guess I've experienced a lot and learnt.. but I thought we were going to be together forever and now I don't know if anything was true? I cant eat, sleep I'm crying all the time and suffer bad with depression myself when things like this happen to me... please what should I do.. I also sent him a letter via e mail explain my feeling and why is he treating me this way..and text via phone to let him know it was there..but still no reply????So confused need some real guidance..thanks for all your help...

Urgent help plz boyfriend broke up with me? If it's him or sad seasonal affective

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it could be over or maybe he is just testing you,try to talk to him and get to know what he wants or thinks of u,cannot force him

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