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He has a girlfriend but likes me....

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on May 22 2008 at 23:39
Member since: 22 May 2008
Relationship advice Its a complicated story. We were just friends but then started to act more closer together....one day he began telling me how he feels about me. I like him too and i care for him. Just when you think things were just going good... he told me that he has a girlfriend.. he said that its not even like a relationship being that she strings him along.... he says she brings up arguments for no reason and has cheated on him. when i asked why didnt you break up if your not happy.. he says because of certain things that happened...he says that he feels bad if he was to just leave her...... Im very confused.. i really am liking him and he tells me too.. all my friends think that we are dating but we are not... i dont know what to do...
He has a girlfriend but likes me....
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on May 31 2008 at 17:01
Member since: 31 May 2008
You sound very confused and I think it's because you he's not being honest with you. Whenever you want clear answers about where you stand, he just gives very vague replies. From the beginning he has not been upfront, he waited a good while before telling you about his girlfriend, so that you were by then emotionally involved and unlikely to be able to give him up. He may be in an unhappy relationship but please bear in mind that you are only getting his side of the story. He doesn't sound like a very reliable person and if he cheats on her, who's to say he won't do the same to you? His behaviour towards you is very selfish, he wants the perks of being with you without committing to you. However, if he gets away with it, he will happily carry on like this indefinitely. Unfortuantely this issue will not go away, it has to be confronted at some point, you don't want to be several months down the line, still not knowing where you stand and having to share him with another woman. I know you like him and I'm sure he's a lovely guy, but this is a messy situation, where you could get hurt and maybe it's best to take control of it now and break away before someone gets hurt.
He has a girlfriend but likes me....
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on Jun 25 2008 at 01:07
Member since: 25 June 2008
I agree with Auntie A she knows what she is talking about I was trapped in the same way my boyfriend told me he had 4 kids aboard where he was from after a year of us dating. He was my first love and I was already attached I felt so hurt. Soon after he cheated on me and got another woman pregnant, he to me it was a one night stand but I don't believe him. This is still troubling me but when I try to ask him questions he wont answer. After hi saffair he said that he would have no contact with the kid but he eventually sneaked behind my back and started seeing the kid when I was pregnant with our first child. I first discovered this when I found a Xmas card from the kid to daddy under his car seat. I was so guttered I felt some1 ripped my heart out. When I confronted him with it he said it was his friends card from his Son, but I knew he was lying. It was only a matter of time until I found out the kids name which confirmed it in the card. Eventually he admitted to seeing the kid and said he visited him at his uncles house which I was suspicious about. Throughout the yrs I found tex messages in his phone frm girls and he always blamed it on his friends or said it was a set up. Inever believed him but still hung on like a mug. He ended going to Prision and I stuck by him throughout his sentence for 2yrs and never cheated. He is now out and he's changed alot we had another baby. Coz I love him so much I have allowed him to pick up his other kid to stay at our house. I am stlll really unhappy as I don't trust him. Things r still popping up but I will have to do my own thread as I do not want to bore u. I think once a lier always a lier and really don't go there when kids r involved coz it will 4eva haunt you darling. We been together for 9yrs.
He has a girlfriend but likes me....
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on Jun 25 2008 at 22:48
Member since: 19 June 2008
Hey girl drop this man, he is telling you one thing, his real girlfriend another, and probably his mates something else. There are many men out there who will see a young pretty girl, new to the area, and see how she acts to a sob story. If you say you feel sorry for him and tell him, He knows he can now tell you any rubbish. DO NOT GO ANY WHERE NEAR ANOTHER WOMANS MAN, IT IS NOT THE DONE THING. If he ever becomes single, which I think he might one day, be very careful not to throw yourself at him, he may treat you the same way as the last girl.

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