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He is depressed and I am feeling unwanted and unloved

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on Nov 5 2013 at 02:38
Member since: 05 November 2013
Relationship advice I have known my boyfriend for 11 years now, we have been dating for over a year. before the timing was just never right on or both of us was always with someone else. over the last few months I have noticed that he has been pulling away and shutting me out, we would fight and argue and talk throe the issue of that fight and now he has finally admitted that he is depressed and does not know why. I have noticed that little things in our relationship have stopped. He is not affectionate to me in public ( he used to always hold my hand, look me in the eyes when we talked, hug me, kiss me. he always made me feel wanted and did not care who was around when he would do little loving things with me ) but now if we kiss in public, it is me kissing him and he is just returning my try for affection with a peck and then pushes me away and looks past, the eye contact is gone, we dont hold hands anymore, we used to go for walks all the time and now it is once a month and when we do he is so focused on the dog that he walks ahead of me to the point where I stop and wait to see how long it takes for him to notice I am not behind him anymore and I have waited for 10 min before I started to just walk again. I have told him all this and how it makes me feel, I have told him I don't care how long he is depressed I will help him and support him throe it, drive him to the doctors, take care of him and also let him be alone when he wants it but all I ask in return is for him to show me he loves me even if it is just holding my hand again in public. all he said was he was sorry and that he loves me. and now, he is again playing his video game and we have spoken maybe 10 words to each other.

He is depressed and I am feeling unwanted and unloved

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on Nov 5 2013 at 04:36
Member since: 03 November 2013
Kellyann, he clearly was not depressed before, now he thinks he is? really? I read it as he is over the new relationship, and more interested in the dog and games.

Time for you to cut him lose, some people quickly tire of relationships but while ever you are knocking yourself out doing anything he wants or needs, hey it is easy to say "sorry I love you"

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