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Having relationship issue

- Nov 8 2013 at 21:01
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Relationship advice I am from a wealthy family in a city and suddenly my dad expired in an accident and we have shifted to a new town. When I was in the city my neighbour is 8 years younger to me and we were good friends and like brother and sister. Since I was shifted I didn't saw him for 10 years and suddenly 1 day i have travelled to the same city for my official meeting. Unexpectely I met my neighbour and we became friends again. We decided to go for a trip and where we fallen in love there. Only for him I left my family in the town and started living with him in the city ( living together witout marriage). He is very nice and take care of me. He lied to me and went out 1 evening and i came to know that he was dating with some other girl that day and when i asked him he accepted and he promised me that he won't do that again and he is still keeping his promise. 1 day he introduced all his friends where i saw the girl for the first time. He said they were friends later i came to know that she is his Ex. When i asked him i didn't get proper response from him, but he promised me that he won't talk to her any more and he followed that only for few months and again he started talking with her in phone and when ever i asked him, he lied to me. 1 day i checked his mobile and found that he got 200 missed calls from his Ex. He is still continue chatting and texting with her. Suddely 1 day i travelled to another city for my official meeting i asked him to come with me but he refused that. Later when i called him i found that he was with his Ex. I am suspecting is he still in love with her so i started fighting with him. Earlier whenever i fought with him about his Ex he will shout at me , even he slapped me when he become more angry but this time he didn't instead he is very nice to me and said that he won't leave me at any time and he is madly in love with me and he want to marry me after 4 years (since he is still doing his education and want to settle down before marriage). I dont have peace of mind now-a-days . I am not able to predict him. Is he really in love with me or is he cheating me. His Ex is in a long distance even then they started meeting in last few weeks. His mom divorced his dad and married some one because his dad is sick. he was brought up by his dad and he always says girls are always cheating boys when he is becoming angry he don't know what he is doing and beating everyone who ever is there and once he become he is saying that he doen't remember anything. he always hate his mom. he loves me a lot even thought we fought with each other he never left me . he always be with me . take care of me, help me in all work ( both official and house hold works). whenever i said i want to break the relationship he will become angry , slap me and then he will start begging me not to leave. He tried to commit suicide twice when i tried to break up the relationship. I am emotionally to attached to him now so i am not able to leave him but i am always doubt on him and i am always unhappy. whenever his mobile is busy i am thinking that he is speaking with his Ex. Am I unnecessarly thinking like this or what my inner is saying is right or not. I am so stressed after i came to know that this girl is still in love with him and she challenged to her friends that she will marry my boyfriend at any cost . I asked our common friend to inform to that girl that he is in love with me but she replied that she is ready even for second marriage and she won't leave him at any time.when i said that to my boyfriend he is not believing me and he is saying that they were only frineds and not in love and i myself only lying to him to seperate that girl from him. Till now he didn't agree that she is his Ex and he is continously saying that she is his friend but even his own sister told me that she is his girl friend.

Someone please advice me ... If he is really in love with me or cheating both me and his Ex. Do I believe him or not. Will he marry me after some years or he will go away with that girl.

Having relationship issue

- Nov 14 2013 at 03:37
Member since: Oct 2013
Actions speak louder than words. This man is NOT in love with you or he wouldn't treat you so badly. He is very screwed up. Find yourself someone you can trust and who will really care for you and not abuse you.

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