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Should I chase this girl

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My GF has really low self esteem and she's really anxious and insecure. She does not love herself and she has had a hard life. She was almost raped and she had to have an abortion amongst other things. She didn't want to get into a relationship but then she met me and she felt she could trust me and I have been supportive when she cried and was down. However, all of a sudden she wants to break up because she said that she can't love me properly without loving herself and that's she has been suffering all her life. She feels more insecure and anxious since dating me even though she loves me and doesn't want to break up. She feels breaking up will give her space to heal herself. She also says that she doesn't want to hurt me even though I am strong enough to support her. She is very defensive and sensitive and sees every thing in a negative way. We are on a break now and I am waiting for her to be ready to talk. I am respecting her space. She told that I have been the perfect boyfriend.

Anyway, so I didn't hear from her for a week and on Monday night she sent me a message saying we should meet up. Long story short, she tells me that she still feels she has to be on her own. So I send a message back saying I understand and that I'll always be there for her etc. so an hour later she calls me and she is crying and she is telling me that she is so confused because I am the best thing in her life and that she misses me etc.

She says she wants to see me but I haven't heard from her. It's hard waiting for her. I have told her that I'll wait for her and she knows I don't want us to break up. Should I leave her be and let her push me away or try to bring her around?

My friends think that she is crazy about me but she has issues. I love her and I want to support her. What can I do?

Should I chase this girl

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actually your gf may be suffering from a disorder called bipolar. In which people can not decide what they want and even they don't know if they are happy or sad. In a second their flow of feeling for anyone goes higher and suddenly it drops down, I know that bcuz I m also suffering from some of disorders,
It happens when the patient had gone thru many problems and couldn't figure out how to survive it so their mind goes scattered.. You should help her by giving much attention to her, talk to her about good things which can be in her life. Even a warm hug n a sentence "everything gonna be ok, I m with you" can also reveal her depression for a moment...I m nt a psychiatrist so I m nt sure she have this disorder by atleast I can say that bcuz I m going thru this.

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