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My bad day

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Hello everybody. I'm Eman. Sorry for my bad English. Last week I felt happy and excited when I knew my personal loan was bank in. The money is for my wedding expenses. I go to the nearest bank to withdraw the money and I called my fiance about my loan and tell her that i am gonna bring her along to pay and deposit everything we had plan for our wedding. I can feel deep from my heart how excited she is.

On my way to my fiance house I was involved in accident. Unconscious for a while and the first thing get into my mind is the money I brought. I am searching my small bag where I put my money but it is not in my car. I keep searching although i am in pain but hopeless. I asked everyone who stop by and helping me out of my car in tears whether they see my small bag. Neither one of them saw it. I knew someone had stolen and took it. I felt really2 sad. My heart really broke when i realized my money isn't in my car. My tears can't stop flowing in that day. In my mind the words "where can I get money again?" "my wedding ceremony is in 3 weeks". My wedding invitation has been send last two weeks. I cannot make another personal loan from the bank anymore.

I never asked for donation but now I got nothing. My wedding due date getting closed. I will appreciate every penny you donate to me. I hope I could raise my fund 10 days before my wedding so i can pay all i have booked. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you.

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