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Moving out

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Hi i am new in here , sorry about my spelling and english. I have a problem me and my boyfriend were planning to move out and start living together , we were planning to rent a flat but as i am in part time job and still studying ( he's working full time) we cant afford it yet. So now he wants me to move in with him, his living with his mum and brother , brother is away in college and he is only staying at the weekends, and his mum during the week staying in her boyfriend house for 4 nights, i dont know if to move in with him or not , he has his bedroom he even made a space for me and started to buy small wardrobes for my staff, when i said to him i am not moving in with him , i really upset him and he was down all afternoon, at the moment i live with my parents which are stict and i also would like some more freedom , i really dotn kn ow what to do anybody been in this kind of situation before?

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