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We both are shy and like each other. He's popular I'm not??

- Nov 15 2013 at 01:04
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Relationship advice We both like eachother, but are really shy in front of eachother.. hes popular, im not??

So ever since iv come to this school, i was never popular because people thought i was Caucasian. But i wasnt, I was the same race as them. I understand my race is pretty hard to get. I used to hang out with a bully, i didnt know she was a bully, nobody ever told me. But then i found out and stopped hanging out with her a year later. Then, in grade 7, their was this guy. His name was Adrian. He always stared at me, and we were really shy in front of eachother. He would often flirt with me by holding the door, asking me if i need help carrying books, and one time we even bumped into eachother and we couldnt stop staring at eachother. Im very innocent and cute, and im not bad looking. I was absent a lot since their were many problems back at home. This yr, in grade 8, im not in his class. But his class is right next to mine. So he would often hold the door for me, and i would catch him staring at me. My friends would also catch him staring at me, and whenever someone talks about him or says his name.. i go all pink and start blushing/smiling. I didnt realize i liked him until grade 8. At the dance, i was just watching the dancer and DJ on the stage dancing and what-not (i was lost in thoughts), and then some guy bumped into me. Then i look a little to the left i find Adrian staring at me and then i make a COMPLETELY straight face cuz i was lost in thoughts, so idk he probably thinks of me as a bad person. P.S i wear eye liner too. My popularity HAS increased by A LOT. Im just praying to become more popular because i want to show everyone the good person i am. I dont do what most tweens do. Like, swearing, talking about disgusting stuff, fangirling, and gossiping. Iv decided its just not me. I have blonde highlights with brown hair. Girls stare at me in disgust, i know they are all jealous though. One, because i dont look like my race, and 2 (not to brag) im pretty. Well, you know.. if you arent dirty and disgusting from the inside, then you will surely find beauty on the outside too. A lot of guys like me, and some girls notice. Like this guy, he blushes around me WHENEVER he does something embarassing. This guy who sits in front of me used to hate me, but ever since he sat in front of me he always started to blush, and whenever he did something humiliating he would blush and put his head on his desk. Another guy always stares at me in class. Like we used to joke around in grade 6, but now idk what happened to him, he is suddenly so shy around me! People say i look like a "witch", well not people. Just this one girl who i can tell is jealous of me.So im guessing guys like me more than girls do in my school. How can i put jealousy aside and get girls to like me? Im really shy in front of Adrian, and hes really shy in front of me. What shud i do?? How do i show him i like him?? I was thinking of holding the door for him this time, but i never seem to get the chance! Some girls noticed (my friends) that he likes me. And once my friend was like saying my name really loudly in front of him so he can hear, and then i was walking away really fast cuz i go all pink in front of him, and Adrian was watching her saying my name, and then he was looking around trying to see where i was, then smiled. And he always tends to look for me. Aat the trip he was staring at me again lol. I think he thinks i hate him, but i dont! Cuz he looks disappointing when im around. How shud i show him i like him back? I cant talk to him a lot because we BOTH start blushing. He wouldnt stop staring at me, and i wouldnt stop staring at the floor. I really want to know how i can show him i like him. For guys its easier to become popular, but for girls its not. Like, this Caucasian guy whose name is "Joshua", this girl is like to me "i keep on thinking you are Joshua's skin color". Then a few days ago we had a fire alarm, he was RIGHT in front of me when i took a few steps out of the classroom. And the my friend is like "come on chloe walk faster". Then he tried to hold the door for me but the teacher stopped him since their was another door already opened.How can i get girls to like me?? And how can i show Adrian i like him?? Im sure Adrian likes me. Im really pure.. so guys choose to like me more cuz of my innocence. Please answer!! Thanks! And sry for the long paragraph.. Im really skinny, 5ft, brown hair with blonde highlights, wears eyeliner, pink lips, tanned-lightish skin aaand ya. Sometimes i just feel so ugly though. Do i look like a witch? I mean, every girl is beautiful. But sometimes i feel like im just not. People dont like Joshua cuz hes Caucasian. I hate racism. Sometimes i just feel like going into another world with no problems. Girls hate the fact im pure. Even younger students hate me cuz they think im Caucasian. Im not into jb, austin mahone, 1d, its just not me. Idk y. Any solutions??? This is my LAST year of elementry. Next year im moving. I want this yr to be the bestest year of my life. Plsase help!! Sometimes i just get soo depressed!

We both are shy and like each other. He's popular I'm not??

- Nov 19 2013 at 03:30
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just be yourself and have fun,dont bother what others think about you.Be friendly and polite,just enjoy yourself

We both are shy and like each other. He's popular I'm not??

- Dec 16 2013 at 22:18
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I wonder what country you're from if you're bullied a little for being Caucasian. It usually the opposite from where I am from.

You sound like a really mature girl. I remember when I was in Grade 8, and was learning how to act around guys and girls in my classes (I'm still figuring it out - but university's a different environment).

It's a gift to be pretty, and I am glad that you like to stay away from gossip and pop culture because it will protect you from emotional hurt and poor lifestyle choices.

From experience, I think that it will just take a bit longer for you to find a loyal friend who is a girl and who you enjoy being around. It's good to find someone you trust, and can really help with other girls are mean because they are jealous of you. In the long-run, people may look up to you because you are pretty and yet you are not mean to others.

As for guys, it's normal to for guys and girls to have crushes at your age. I'd say to just treat Adrian kindly as a friend, but not lead towards dating because it is better to wait until you are older. It's fun to be around a guy who likes you because he pays more attention to you, and usually acts in a funny, awkward way. You're just learning how to act around guys in a respectful way :)

And about being insecure about your looks and being called names by other girls, I hope that you will learn to be strong because it is a good skill to learn how to stand up to others and be confident in yourself without being mean. You could help other girls who are bullied as well.

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