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Ex bf

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on Nov 15 2013 at 02:43
Member since: 15 November 2013
Relationship advice ive been split with my ex for around two months hes moved on back to an ex girl friend that beat him up cheated and lied also got him on drugs.i have not been in touch with him he has phoned me say he wants us to be friends.we both have bipolar ive text him and now he is saying he cant be friends,im still head over heals in love with him ive never had feelings like this before,im so worried about him i just dont no what to do,he say horrible hurt full things about me but i no deep down he dont mean it we was together for 6 yr so i no him inside out if you understand i just cant let go i dont no what to do.i just dont understand how he can go back to someone that hurt him so when he said to me ive never loved or been in love with anyone like this before he told me i just dont no what to do im sorry if this is all mixed up i just love him so much and dont what the hell im ment to do
Ex bf
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on Nov 15 2013 at 07:53
Member since: 21 October 2013
If you wait around for this guy, it will just be more on again, off again torture. He just doesn't know what he wants and may never be able to make up his mind completely. Make a fresh start with someone else who is more stable and less confused. Moving on now will be hard but sticking around waiting for this guy to change his mind will be worse on you. And do you really know him as well as you think because you don't understand why he behaves like he does. There will be someone else for you.

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