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Received this letter. Has my wife cheated?

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I just received the following anonymous letter to my parents address.

"Assalamu Alaikum

I wanted you to receive this message without the risk of your wife reading it.

Moving a long distance away from family and friends must be difficult but all new marriages face problems. Sometimes once the initial excitements of the wedding events themselves have passed, and reality sets in, newly weds begin having doubts. This can lead one or both partners to make mistakes. You have to put the effort into a marriage to make it work, especially only six months in.

Finding out that [my wifes name] has cheated on you now, in this way, lets you reflect on things without rushing into confrontation. The who, where and when is irrelevant, you need to be concentrating on the why.

My ex-wife began cheating on me a year into our marriage, at the time I didn't know or suspect a thing. Two years later I caught her at it and not long after we had divorced. I think that if I had found out earlier, like this, I would have handled the situation differently and would still be married.

Take some time out to forgive and then work to strengthen your relationship so that it doesn't happen again.

Learning about this now and dealing with it in the correct way could be the key to a long and happy union, inshallah.

"The repayment of a bad action is one equivalent to it. But if someone pardons and puts things right, his reward is with Allah."

It was sent to my parents address, where I used to live, in my name using delivery which had to be signed for. Only my closest friends know that I got married six months ago (it was a low key thing) and they are also the only people that know I have moved a long way from where I was living before to live with my new wife. In fact only the people I invited to the wedding would know my wifes name.

The stamp on the envelop suggests it was posted from the area I am now living in and there is a postcode on the back of the envelope from this area but no name is given. No one I know in my new area would know my parents address and it is quite some distance away, about 3 hours by car.

I did receive a prank text from an old work colleague a few months ago which made me initially suspect him but he doesn't know I'm married, doesn't know I've moved, doesn't know my partners name and doesn't know my parents address.

The prank also happened after I had got married. I met up with a different work colleague once for a coffee when I was back at home and told him that I was engaged when he noticed my wedding ring. A month or so later I received an anonymous text saying that my fiancé was thinking of calling off the wedding because she was secretly a lesbian. Obviously I knew she wasn't because we were already married and it was a stupid text. I had a go at the work colleague I had met up with about it but later received a text from the other one saying that he had sent the text message as a prank when drunk. Turns out the guy I had met up with had told people at work I was engaged with no ill intention and the other idiot thought it would be funny to prank me.

The obvious thing to conclude is that it is the same guy sending this letter but he doesn't know I'm married, my wifes name, I've moved, where I've moved to or my parents address. Plus the message was sent from where I am now and that is 3 hours away from where he lives. Not sure I can accept that he has done a 6 hour round trip to try and ruin my life. Sending a text message is a lot easier than travelling 3 hours to prank someone. Neither work colleague is Muslim or even Asian so why would they use Muslim phrases and quotes?

I didn't suspect my new wife of cheating but I am suspicious now. Do you think she might be cheating?

Received this letter. Has my wife cheated?

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report this to the cops it could be a prank

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