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Cancelled date

Hi there, this is a simple question but I am curious as to what people (men specifically) think is appropriate: I was texting with a guy I met online and he asked if I wanted to go for a drink so we planned for a date the following week. He texted me that afternoon and said he was sick and would need to reschedule for the week or week after. He pursued me first and asked me out so I figured he would text to reschedule when he was feeling up to it. Besides planning/cancelling the date we haven't been in communication or txting. I believe he is feeling better (photos posted online gave me the hint...) but he hasn't gotten in touch with me yet. It's been about a week since the date was cancelled and he DID say the week OR the week after so he may still reschedule. My question is: Would it seem pushy or would it seem caring if I texted and asked how he was feeling? Should I just leave it alone and see if he reschedules or is it appropriate/nice of me to reach out and ask if he is on the mend? Perhaps he met someone else and moved on... perhaps he is actually sick.. who knows! What do you think? Is the ball in his court to reach out to me?

Cancelled date

I think that he was sick was an excuse not to go out with you... he is trying to avoid you

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