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Where do I stand? (with this girl)

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Relationship advice Hi guys, I really need some advice. This is coming from a guy who's single throughout his entire life.

I started talking to this girl on Facebook, we went to the same school and haven't spoken 2 each other, at all till graduation at Colorado. We stated talking on Facebook for 5-6 months. Then one day, after talking for 5 hours straight. She asked whether I would like to have her phone number. 3 days later, she sent the first text.

We texted back and forth for 4 months. Her replies were quick and comprehensive. She thinks that I'm funny, smart, kind-hearted and inspirational. One time, when I have her a composition (music I made on my guitar) she'd sent a text at 11:30pm saying how awesome the song was. She'd text me at 12am 2 wish me a happy birthday. She complimented me every now and then.

Soon after, she invited me to her friend's party. We met and I made things awkward. She giggled when I say something and touch my arm a few times. One of those times was when a mate of mine teased me for being single. I was socially awkward, but she accepted it, knowing what I was like in high-school. She gave me a firm hug and left the party.

We started texting for another 2 months. We had a lot of fun in our conversations. There were some good times and some bad times. I came up with the idea of hanging out, 20 hours later she said yes and suggested a movie with her best friends. Her best friends don't like me, at all. Since then things were going down in the conversation department. We use to text 8 times a day, now it's 8 times in a fortnight. She still flirt around, some times and she's not shy on the emoticons or !'s.

She would take anywhere between 6-48 hours to respond to my text. I really want to be friends with her, good friends but it seems like a downhill trend at the moment. I did hear that she is close to having a relationship with someone from uni. think it's a positive that she's still texting me despite not having her bestie's approval, then again, it could be out of politeness. The problem is that we both live in different cities (50km away).

My questions are:
1. Where do I stand?
2. Is there anything I can do, or is it her call?
3. I really want a friendship that'll stick, not sure if this friendship applies here?
4. Any good/bad signs
5. Any other advice you would give

Like I said, apologies for the long scenario. I really need help.

Thanks!! :-D.

Where do I stand? (with this girl)

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She used to like you but now is in a relationship with someone else. That is where you stand. All you can do is tell her you would like to be her friend forever whether she has someone else or not and that you would love to meet him and hang out. If she stays with him you have to be friends with them both. It is her call if she wants to be closer and likely if this did not happen if she wants it you will not and right now you want it and she does not. Don't count to it. My advise is leave the door open but move on and this time find a girl in your city. She likes you but the time that she would be your girlfriend for the moment is over, no use pushing it.

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