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Am I Being Catfished?

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on Dec 9 2013 at 12:37
Member since: 09 December 2013
Online Dating advice Ive been in a relationship for about a year with a guy I met online. We've never actually met in person, which I know sounds weird but we chat every day by text, email and calls. He lives in Scotland and Im in London. Neither of us can drive or earn a lot of money so sadly we've not been able to visit one another. I have grown a bit suspicious recently though, as he wont skype me and has been making excuses for months that his web cam is broken. He was also due to travel to London with work and was going to meet up with me, but his phone broke and we never actually met. I am also now questioning why he only has a handful of photos on his facebook and a friend of mine told em to watch Catfish on MTV. My mind is in over-drive, as all the warning signs are there that he could be a catfish! What should I do? Apparently they are making a UK version of the show, should I apply???!!! Would really like some advice!
Am I being Catfished?
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on Dec 15 2013 at 02:22
Member since: 20 August 2013
yes i think you should apply cause this sound like your being catfish no doubt about it . he always making excuses i think the person who u think your talking to is not the real person online. i think someone trying to play with your mind

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