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on Dec 10 2013 at 00:51
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Other advice I have been dating a guy for about 1 1/2 years. We knew each other when we were younger. After his divorce was already finalized we ran into each other. He has children and was married for almost 20 years.We started out as friends. After some time we started dating. Now 1 1/2 later we are not in a relationship. We live a little ways apart. We talk most evenings and spend most weekends together. We have a great time together and talk about things we want to do together. The problem he says he is not ready to be in a relationship yet! He treats me very well and is open and honest about his feelings. He is still healing from his divorce. I am smart enough to understand this. I, however, have never been through it. I know if he wasn't really interested he wouldn't go through all of this trouble due to everything he has been through. Anyone out there that can give me some advice I am all ears. I love him he add so much to my life. How long is typical for a man to be ready for a relationship after a long divorce? How long should I be patient in waiting?

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