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Do I need to pay my fiancé?

- Jan 1 2014 at 23:52
Member since: 02 January 2014
Relationship advice My fiance and I have been together for 3 years. About 10 months ago I moved in with him as per his request. Also my 7 year old son is with me. My finace owns the house free and clear, no house payment. Since I moved in he has decided I should pay him rent. For the last 10 months I have been paying half of all the bills and also ALL of my own bills including EVERYTHING for my son. I also pay about double what my fiancé pays for food and house supplies. (He has a 16 year old son and his sons girlfriend that also eats here a lot.) I have paid for everything in the home to decorate and furnish it. Also when I first moved in I spent about 6000 fixing it up, I did all the work on my own with no help. I painted and fixed almost everything that needed fixed. He really wants a lot of rent from me and says it's not fair that I live in a home rent free just because he paid it off. Do I need to pay him rent!!!??????????????? He makes me feel like an awful person because I am not! HElP!!!! I need advice!!

Do I need to pay my fiancé?

- Jan 2 2014 at 00:29
Member since: 19 December 2013
no you don,t,unless you want to because your paying bills.i feel he,s useing you.he,s doing this because he,s use to you paying for everthing.if you stay then agree what bills are to be split,if he,s not fair let him have his cake.and he can eat it to

Do I need to pay my fiancé?

- Jan 2 2014 at 02:54
Member since: 27 December 2013
This is what happens when women with money move in with a guy who doesn't. You now made an investment into HIS house, yet he wants even more.

If marriage is in the future, you and he need to sit down and figure out all the "household" bills (including food bills for the combined family) and each of your own "personal" bills.

Blending this family is going to be difficult, I think. Good luck with that.

Do I need to pay my fiancé?

- Jan 2 2014 at 05:17
Member since: 29 December 2013 don't have to pay this man anything for rent....'s a heads up for you..this man's actions should be telling you what sort of person he is and if you are going to marry him one day then I think your life is going to be something like "he makes me feel like an awful person because I'm not" forever and ever amen.

He is manipulating your wallet and playing with your emotions.

You've spent a motza on the house, furnishings and decorations etc, you pay half the bills, I say that again, half the bills and still support your son with everything and then, you did all the work yourself with no help.

Any decent man would let you live with him for absolutely nothing after doing all of that! He would have assisted you to decorate etc and if he was a real man, an alpha male, he wouldn't have let you pay for any of it even if you wanted to!! If fact, if he was an alpha male he would have just asked you what you wanted done and then had it done so YOU would be comfortable in a new home TOGETHER regardless of whether it's mortgage free or not and regardless of who owned it!

Have you also considered that the money you've spent on the house could enhance HIS property and increase it's value??

I think you really need to take your thoughts further here and sit down and look at what sort of a person your fiance is...after all, he requested you move in and then says it not fair you don't pay rent just because he owns the house outright?!

It's not about the amount of rent you pay Agatha, it's about why you need to pay it at all.

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