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To choose

im a 19 years old guy,i`ve been dating a girl for almost a year, i never believed in true love, i have no problems with getting girls but i was never interested, well, thats until i met this girl and i fell for her to my nose, her dream is to leave her country(a hell as she calls it), i cannot give her that and as fairy as our relationship and how suitable we are for each other, its as impossible for us to meet(she prayed god for true love but with difficulties and drama,and god answered,we cant even skype each other for the problems we get every time we try), yesterday a rich family proposed her, its not the first time that she gets proposed, but this time, the guy that she`s to marry is living in USA(where she wanna live), she was tempted, but she said she will reject it because of me, the possibility of a happy ending for us is not that bright, should i let her let go of her dream for staying in her country till the day i can get her even if it was nearly impossible? or should i break up with her so she will accept his proposal? i asked her "if you havent met me, would you accept it?", she was silent, which means that she would, please some advices.

To choose

Is this girl of another cultural or religious community that arranges marriages? If so, why aren't you proposing to her? If not, you need to realize the big obstacle you have in even trying to get married. I have no advice: you just need to know what your plan is.

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