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What the hell does he think?

There's this guy who is driving me crazy though he's not talking to me now.I'm unable to concentrate on studies and my exams are fast approaching. I met him online about 5months ago on a friendship site and I was strictly looking for friendship. This guy messaged me that he can be a nice friend and wants to do sincere exchange of views. But he on his first mails,said that he likes Angelina Jolie and Penelope Cruz,and also that one of his friend's girlfriend used to visit him like once in 2 months,he said he always cooked for her and dined with her when she was down.I really didn't get him.When I saw his profile it showed that he makes friends with girls only around his age.I asked him why doesn't want to be friends with boys,he said he's straight and that he's just being human preferring girls to talk to. I somehow didn't like it,because I talk to both girls nd boys and am straight too.It made me think he's a flirt.He was flirting with me,called me jewel,Sunshine and also sent songs like "I'd love you to want me","You and I","You mean everything to me" etc and used to compliment me everytime.He always showed that he was interested,but I didn't.I later felt like he's not such a bad guy,he talks to his mom everyday,misses his pets,he also talks about flowers,nature,his job and places he had been etc.He felt very much comfortable with me,those days.He also told me an incident "A middle aged happily married man with children falls for a girl he meets in a plane and asks his opinion on this,this guy told him to think about his wife who loves him so much and gave him beautiful children,then that guy changes his mind and thanks him" .It sounds a little silly,but I really started to think he's a good guy.I couldn't flirt back like how he did,but I developed feelings for him. But I tried to show that am interested then he started to say these words: "We are friends,I think we are good at being that", "We are good friends" "Your'e a true friend" .It saddened me alot.I don't know what he means by friends.Don't know where all of his feelings went away. One day,long ago,he also told me that true love waits,andit canbe achieved.But now he calls me friends. Long back,he used to be online everyday for me,used to wait for me,we used to talk like twice or more in a day.Then he started to talk once a day,later twice or thrice in a week,then he used to reply only once a week,this made me cry alot,am very much frustrated.Now its been 13 days since he talked. he had sent 2mails on his last day.One of them is just fine,he asked me to keep in touch like how he does, but in the other which came 10mins later,he wasn't feeling good,I told him that he writes better in the color blue than in black.That word got him hurt,how can he be so sensitive.He wrote that he'd rather talk to me when his mind his free,asked me to take care always and said bye.Is he gone? I really don't know what's going in his mind.I'm unable to forget him,it's been 13 days,I'm feeling anger,frustrated,lost,aloof,sad,depressed,stupid.I don't know if he'd be back and what to talk to him if he gets back. Additional details: He's a doc actually,he keeps busy and has met so many ppl since he gets to travel alot.He said he talked to different kinds of people.Recently he started a new hospital,he also wrote this word: "I feel the importance of keeping in touch". I don't know why,but he always talked like he cares for me and said he's always there for me. Though he calls me a good friend,he behaves like he still likes me.I just don't know how to respond tothat.He recently said that am amazing as the sun,i didn't respond aptly to thatand he's hurt again. I've deleted all his mails,still unable to forget him.never actually met him in reality,he has sent 2pics of himself a month ago and asked me not to misunderstand or be cross with him.What does he mean?.I have also sent a greeting card recently, which he didn't see,or maybe he deleted it.Are there chances for him to be back.

What the hell does he think?

Are you sure you have the correct vision of this? I see a very dreamy man who loves all people, music, art, friendship with male and females and sends loving messages to everyone he meets. You saw it as a come-on for a relationship. He told you that he wants a friendship only. I'm sorry, but you are going to have this one slide. It's just not happening the way you want it to.

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