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Does this girl like me more than a friend?

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on Feb 3 2014 at 14:08
Member since: 03 February 2014
Relationship advice Right. I work with this girl who has taken a sudden liking to me. It all started a couple months ago when i was out with some of my workmates and she was out as well. Until then we hadn't really spoken to each other. Then my friend who is a bit of an idiot tried to put us together. Then my other friend tried to go in for a kiss from her but she turned away then looked at me. I laughed. Then after the night was over i got a ride home from another workmate. He asked my opinion of the girl i'm talking about. But i recently found out he used to like her and he's easily jealous. Fast forward 2 months later and she started talking to me more and joking about at work. She comes in to my other workplace and we chat there as well. Now several weeks ago she started saying that i'm cute and she kept feeling my face and hugging me. Now she's still called me cute and hugging me every time she sees me. Then i was just doing my job when i saw her speaking to her friend then her friend came up to me and started speaking quietly and said that this girl fancies me. i then denied it as i couldn't believe it was true or not. then the girl turned round and said to the girl that she told me. so i don't know if she had a different message to pass on to me or she just didn't have the guts to tell me myself. Then 2 weeks ago we were just chatting while at work and i was trying to be funny but i knew i was just speaking complete rubbish that i knew wasn't funny but she kept laughing and i kept asking her why she's laughing. She also said she just wants to hug me. Then at my other work she was in and was quite drunk, she was with another guy but she kept hugging me and felt my ass. then at the end of the night she came up to me and hugged me and was standing pretty close to me like really close that i actually thought she was going to make a move on me, but she didn't. Last week i was working at my other work and she came in and hugged me then went away for a minute then hugged me from behind. An hour later she came out with her friend and she came over and hugged me and then started talking to me about everything. a few minutes past and her friend was getting annoying so they both decided to call it a night and said they were going home. 5 minutes past and she came in again and kissed me on the cheek then went away to the toilet or something in that direction. Another 5 minutes past and she came back out and hugged me and said she was definitely leaving now. 10 minutes past and she came back in and starting chatting to me for 20 minutes. She kept good eye contact with me then she was complaining she was cold and i was joking about. We were then just chatting about the usual stuff about life and stuff. Then she was checking her phone and texting. I got busy with customers but she stood by my station until i wasn't busy and started talking again. I then got busy again and then i saw she started talking to some other guy and he asked why she was talking to me and she told him i was a legend. a few minutes past and somebody came in and said her ride home was outside. she then left but before leaving she turned round and waved goodbye to me.

Thing is, at work her other friend always asks me out and i always say no and i always says she has to wait her turn. she asked who was first and i said it was the girl i like. So i don't know. We have both said I love you too each other but it was more like a jokingly I love you instead of a serious one.

I think she's joking about i said i loved her and she said she loved me back but we both laughed afterwards. I think she's just being friendly.

Whenever she sees my she always says awwwww then says im cute. she just comes out with it for no reason at all. Also my friend at work asked joking to be their valentine and i said no so they asked why and then she butted in and said she was my valentine. So i don't know.

So what you think? does she like

Does this girl like me more than a friend?

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on Feb 3 2014 at 14:13
Member since: 27 December 2013
I think you are woefully inexperienced with women and do not pick up obvious flirts.

Start ACTING instead of over-thinking all this stuff.


You need the experience. Time is passing.

Does this girl like me more than a friend?

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on Feb 3 2014 at 17:23
Member since: 03 February 2014
Dear Wills92,

In dating, it is difficult to tell if a girl likes you enough to go out with you, and it is the responsibility of the men to ask first, unfortunately. You have to take the chance of asking and perhaps getting rejected.

It would be better if you simply ask the girl out, but if you find that too hard to do, then continue to send out hints and hope that she will one day convince you that she wants you. In the mean time, you do take the chance of her going after somebody else.

One indirect way to ask a girl out is to try to be around her more often (without becoming a stalker). Help her with things whenever you have a chance. She will then make it very easy for you to ask her out.

Good luck,

Dr Shamp

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