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Is there anything like a brain fag that solves itself

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on Feb 5 2014 at 06:26
Member since: 04 February 2014
Education advice I have a terrible brain fag cos I was discouraged by my nation, my parents and some tutors first. I stayed at home for two and half years waiting for school which drove me nuts. Have you ever seen this sort of brain fag. I joined the group for this reason. This iss my personal problem before I ask that of friends and all.

Is there anything like a brain fag that solves itself

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on Feb 5 2014 at 07:58
Member since: 03 February 2014
Hello, i am here to give you a shoulder.

Do not feel discourage. Follow your heart and give yourself space to accept how you feel. Your post if vague and i do not know exactly know how to answer you. Forgive me for that. However, take it from someone who knows they are homosexual but is not out in the open that : it takes time. Let your brain solve itself

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