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Anxiety about moving away

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Relationship advice Ok where do I start. I posted on this forum about 5 weeks ago, I was having trouble in my relationship, speaking to another girl and considering leaving my partner for her, though I did not do this as we have a 2 year old Daughter. I ended up being honest with my partner about everything and we are now getting on better, having intercourse again and enjoying life as a family HOWEVER I did say in my post 5 weeks ago, the reason my partner has been unhappy is due to living in Wales (she is originally from Birmingham) my partner has taken a week away to visit her family and has contacted me to say she is moving back to Birmingham, I can join her if I like however if I choose not to then we will seperate, this has hit me for six as we made plans for her to do college, university then look to move closer to her family but not directly in her home town as I will be 2 hours 30 minutes away from my family if I move. Now the thought of not seeing my Daughter grow is killing me, she's my world, I love her so much but the thought of leaving my family, friends and well paid job in Wales is also killing me, we're a very close family and to think i'll only see them potentially 2 weekends a month is getting me down, it is constantly on my mind, there are so many things to sort out as well because we rent a property in Wales, it is due to end 31st March, so if she moves back to Birmingham at this time, I will have to move in with my parents until I find a job closer to my partner / Daughter. Has anyone experienced moving away in a similar situation, I would like to hear from you. Ultimately I know I am going to have to move away, I cannot be a bit-part Father seeing my Daughter 2 weekends a month. It's just the thought of not seeing my imediate family (Parents who aren't getting any younger), my Sister and her little boy (Nephew) and my Nan / rest of the family. Someone please help !!

Anxiety about moving away

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Jedimafia, you list the reasons why your partner was unhappy with your relationship, but what about yours?

What led you to consider leaving your partner for someone else?

It won't matter where you live, your priorities seem to dictate that you reside close to your daughter whether you're with her mother or not.

Your post is about who to see, where to live etc and that tells us that maybe you've given up on being with your partner because she's made a move away from your home base to her home base.

She has effectively manipulated you and put you between a rock and a hard place by using your daughter. And her actions have spoken about how she really sees her relationship with you. She's saying "take it or leave it" which tells you everything.

One thing you need to remember; if you're partner is happy and settled, then your daughter will be also, regardless of where you live or what you decide to do.

Anxiety about moving away

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I cheated on her a few times, we have been together 5 years this year, I am paying the price for deceit as I won't see my Daughter on a daily basis, it will be twice a month at weekends as I work full time.

I saw my Daughter for the first time in a week yesterday, it was the best feeling for a long time, seeing her play and cuddle / kiss me, I'm going to miss her so much.

My partner has taken off her engagement ring, has dropped the bombshell she is leaving next Sunday and isn't sure if she wants to be with me, now she said her parents haven't been meddling however we were fine before she left to visit them, fucking inlaws are twats at times.

I know I should expect nothing for the way I have treated her, when she moved down here she sacrificed a lot and I treated her in a way no woman should be treated, I cheated so i've technically answered my question.

I've ruined the chance of pure happiness due to silly infedelity.

I just hope in a few months or in the future, she will consider us to be a proper family.

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