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Ex and Valentine's - can't stop thinking about him

Posted by
on Feb 14 2014 at 13:38
Member since: 15 October 2013
Relationship advice Today is Valentine's Day. Dumped 6 months ago, it was definitely hard not to think of him today. Yup, i'm still an idiot!

I must have been crazy to still have thought about him today. So here I come to yelp and wallow so that i don't do things i'll definitely regret later on.

I revisited the old threads that I wrote about him months ago. Wow, it was so crazy!

I nearly sent the please comeback letter to him. GOSH!!!

Then when he sent me a new year greeting text i thought maybe he wanted me back??? Boy, was I wrong. I replied cheerfully and he never contacted me back! Second blow!!!

Still after all these I would still want him back. Sometimes I just cannot understand myself.

Maybe what's left are just obsessions and the fact that he beat me to breaking up with me and that makes me think of him. If you know what I mean...

Still, i know this is stupid but secretly, i told myself if he comes back in these 3 months (Jan - March) I would consider taking him back. If not, by the end of March, I would cry my heart out again one last time and really moved on! That was the little promise i made to myself.

I know, Stupid me! You can laugh all you want at me!

Ex and Valentine's - can't stop thinking about him

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on Feb 14 2014 at 15:39
Member since: 14 February 2014
Have you tried dating anyone else? Or doing something for yourself? New wardrobe, hobby, friends etc? Do something you have always wanted to do but didn't. It will take your mind off him for a few hours each time. Today, be your own Valentine. Whatever gift or attention you would have wanted from him, give it to yourself. Show yourself some love and someone meant for you will show up when you least expect it. Most of all, do not let him know that you are pining over him. Even if he wants you back, he should pursue you and win you back. That will make u valuable in his eyes rather than you pining away, waiting on contact from him

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