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How can I get my girlfriend back?

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Relationship advice I had been with my girlfriend for over a year, we've both lied to each other and arguments. I call her stupid things because of the people she goes to college with such as; Have fun with your boyfriends, and I sometimes call her a s***. We both went to the same college, but I dropped out because of the way I was paranoid and jealous.

The last couple of weeks I kept breaking up with her, but we'd get back together in the same day, because she knows I don't mean it. When I get angry, or upset I tend to say things I don't mean. And she had said last time I broke up with her, that next time I break up with her she'll never see me again, that we'll be 'done' and so a couple of days later I WAS THE BIGGEST IDIOT EVER AND BROKE UP WITH HER, and now she wants nothing to do with me.

I'm heartbroken, I don't know what to do. We've been through so much together for this to be the end. We both love eachother, we always made these long notes to eachother but she had ripped them all up when she had got her stuff from my house.

I admit I'm a bit controlling. She used to be on the phone texting and on facebook/twitter all of the time, so I always got a bit jealous and pi**ed off by it. I've never liked her friends. She'd always act like she was up to something, by not telling me who she was talking to and stuff and so she had deleted all of her contacts, facebook and twitter, and stopped contacting them. She wasn't too keen on them herself, she said they were just ruining our relationship.
I'm also a bit protective of what she wore, because anyone in the right mind weren't let their girlfriend walk outside if her top was too low, skirt was too high. And so she stopped wearing them kinds of clothes? And makeup? I may have called her a s*** but I've never meant it, I joked about stuff a lot. She didn't like my friends either. But I stopped contact with my friends also, because I felt hypocritical. But I didn't care either.

Anyways, she said she didn't care about friends, makeup and clothes she wore aslong as she had me. I never told her to stop doing that stuff, but she did anyways. She really loved me.

But it came to the Tuesday before Valentines day and she had asked what I wanted to do and I told her that I didn't want to do anything, WHEN IN REALITY I DID, I WAS WANTING TO PLAN A LOVELY NIGHT IN. But no, I ended up being a tw**. I WISH I COULD GO BACK AND JUST TELL HER I WANTED TO BE WITH HER, AND MAKE HER FEEL SO SPECIAL!!!!

BUT ANYWAYS, she deleted our conversations, blocked my number and me out of her life and doing everything I hated her doing!!! :(

IF ANYONE HAS BEEN IN THIS SITUATION, please could you give me some advice of what to do.I LOVE girl too bits, and I'd do anything for her. We've been through too much for it just to end like that without a proper conversation trying to work it out.

Help thanks
Brooke x

How can I get my girlfriend back?

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Brooke, you've both controlled one another rather than just let it be. Now, one of you has become tired of the other, and has taken two steps away.

You need to understand, that none of us have the right to try and change the other when we're in a relationship. We should just accept our partner just as they are. We need to love and respect them for who they are, rather than for who we want them to be.

Your jealousy stemmed from your insecurity and therefore you tried to control your GF. On the other hand, your GF really needed to open with you when she was talking to others on FB etc to help you assuage your jealousy....But, heads up here, if you were her priority, then she would have spent more time with you rather than 'isolating' you by spending so much time talking/texting etc to other people.

I'm sorry, but the ball's in your GF's court and if she loves you as much as you love her, then she will come back to discuss your relationship. But only when she's ready, only when she has the need to. Let her make the first move because you can't.

In the meantime, you need to be kind to yourself and stop worrying about the past and the things that you said and can't take them back. Instead, look to the future.

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