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Is she interested... please help

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I would like to give a little background about myself first. I'm 21, I'm going to be 22 in a couple of month's. You know when you were in school
how you had a kid who was 20 or 30 pounds over weight and never fit in because of the weight, or they didn't have the "in" shoes? That was me.

I'm still a little overweight but I don't look that much overweight. I never had any friends as a kid,
when I was in the 8th grade I was home schooled. Even when I graduated from high school I was home schooled.
On Valentine's Day of this year, I went to a speed dating and there was one person who I really liked and she said that she was

taking guys numbers incase we wanted to talk after the speed dating event, and asked me for my number. I willingly gave it to her.
Lets call her Jackie, Jackie was really drunk, I probably could of took her back to a room and you know, but I'm not that
kind of person. Jackie texted me a couple days after the speed dating event. We met up a couple days after the speed dating,
the same day she texted me. She told me in person that she put something next to my name

in her phone because she liked me. Jackie is 18 years older then me,

She was married for 18 years, is divorced Has 2 kids, one boy 11 years old, one girl, 21 years old. I know the boy is the son of the one who

she was got out of the 18 year relationship with, I'm not sure about the daughter, though. She, Jackie is still in school / college to
go up in her career field. Anyway when we met we sat at a bar for almost 7 hours talking, we drank wine, etc... We only had about

4 glasses of wine each. I was really a gentleman considering I was never really on a date. The only thing that I didn't do was

pull out her bar stool and put my jacket on her when I walked her to the car. I would of put my jacket on her, but by the time we

were outside she was parked so close that I didn't really see any point. I opened her car door, and closed the car door for her also.

She said in person, and on the texting this is a direct quote from the text she sent me after I texted her asking if she made it home

safe, and that I had a great time with her never been treated so good by a guy. She told me that she is used to going and getting the

drinks, bringing the drinks to the guy and paying for them. She offered to get the drinks a couple of times and to pay / split the bill,

but I refused to let her.

We went to a

little restaurant that was in the casino and had a little something to eat and to drink so we could sober up. Please Remember that we WERE

NOT Drunk, just a little buzzed you could call it. I asked her twice if she would be able to drive home, and she said yes and somehow it

led to getting something to eat. I paid for everything.

This is not easy for me to say, but I am a Virgin. I didn't tell her this. I'm just telling everyone reading this. There might of been some

sparks in the connection? but I'm not sure / positive. When I walked her to her car she hugged me, and I said something like

I really did have a great time with you and I hugged her, so 2 two hugs.

It was a hug where our upper bodies touched, I don't know if our faces did or not, I just felt really comfortable hugging her and to have been able to talk

to her.

I don't think there were any sparks even for a kiss. It wasn't a moment for a connection it was more of a moment of friends

because we talked about our lives, and how hard things of been mainly she talked. It was like a time to make a friend and just let it out

and have someone to talk to, do you know what I mean?

But anyway I texted her Tuesday asking her How are you, and how did your quizzes went? . Then On Wednesday asking her if she was okay

and I said that I really had a good time. She responded on Wednesday about a hour or so later saying. Sorry didn't mean to ignore you. Been really tired

and swamped with school. I too had a good time, enjoyed your company alot. I replied back saying it's okay it happens to all of us.

I asked if her school was online. I'm really glad that you had a good time. I asked if she wasn't busy Friday if she would like to get a drink or play pool?

( She said when we met that for a date she would like to go to a bar drink a little play some pool, and / or darts.

She didn't reply. I called her Today, Friday about noon ish and left a message just saying it's me that I would like to talk to her

and give me a call when she isn't busy. I haven't heard back from her yet.

What should I do to pursue this? I really do like her and I would LOVE for this to be a real relationship.

To me she IS BEAUTIFUL, smart, funny, nice to be around with, I feel like I don't need to impress her, and I just REALLY have a good feeling /

likeness about her.

Is this in any way wierd becasue of the age difference? I know that I'm not going to have as much experience as someone closer to her own age
whether it be sex, or anything else. But I REALLY DO LIKE HER. I am Mature for my age. Please tell me what should I do?

If it really is school that's why she hasn't been responding so quick that is one thing, but if she is not interested in me, I would really

like to know, as I really felt a connection with her.

What should I do? Thank you for your help

Is she interested... please help

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We met / got together for drinks Sunday Night, about midnight. I didn't get home until almost 7:30 am and

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