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Best friend is jealous?

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Okay first off I don't want this to come off as conceited. Well one of my friends was telling me how my best friend basically feels jealous of me. I don't really know where to begin but there's this program in my school where smart students who have a high average get into this program. I got invited to join this program but my best friend didn't. Yes I was excited I got into it, but I didn't go rubbing it in my best friends face because I know how that would feel. I didn't want to make her feel bad, so I didn't even mention it. My friend had said that my best friend was sort of jealous that I got one. Then my best friend was telling her how she's always known I'm really smart and pretty but it's really been getting to her lately. She said that every time we're together I always get hit on by guys and it makes her feel a bit insecure. Then she said how she's sorry she just felt she needed to say it. She didn't want that to bring her down, but when you're around that person so much of course it'll make them look better and make you feel like nothing. Then my friend reassured her and my best friend said thank you, I have such a great friend, meaning her. When she told me this I felt kind of upset because it made me feel as if I did something bad. Like especially when she told her she has such a great friend. Am I not a great friend? I never try to flaunt things in her face, if anything I try my hardest not too. How can I make her not feel this way? I hate it because I have other friends who also always say you get hit on my so many guys omg. I hate it because it sort of makes me feel like they think I'm so conceited or something like that. I've told my best friend that various times when they said that. Now she is sort of saying the same thing, but these things aren't really in my control. I think that thing that really bothered me was when she called the other girl a great friend. It made me feel as if it was my fault, like I'm not a great friend for making her feel this way. What should I do? How can I make her not feel jealous?

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