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Its Been 10 We Get Back?

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on Mar 7 2014 at 01:24
Member since: 07 March 2014
Relationship advice Hello all,

I have recently gotten back in touch with a long term (couple years) ex from 10 years ago. We were young, 19/20, when we dated. Above all else, we were truly best friends. When things were good, it was by far the BEST relationship I have had. (I have had several, and know what I am looking for now). When we're together it feels like it was yesterday that we dated. Not that its been 10 years since we were even in touch.

I am aware and have kept in mind the reasons that made the relationship fail the first time. He has grown up since then. I want to learn from the past, not forget, but move forward.

I am thinking about giving it another go, not because I am lonely, but because of the connection we STILL have, even after all these years. I know he wants the same thing.

Can an old relationship really workout for the long run?

Its been 10 years...Do we get back?
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on Mar 7 2014 at 02:15
Member since: 29 December 2013
Whattodo, of course it can work out, particularly when you are both more mature and you know what went wrong.

You've stated that "he's grown up", so I'm assuming that he did something wrong 10 years previous.

If you state, you're both happy and both want to give it another go, and the connection is still there, then you DON'T have to ask for permission because you'll do what you need to do to find your happiness together...after all you did state that "I know what I'm looking for now" and it's obvious by your post he ticks all the boxes.

...but you DO need to take your thoughts a bit further and ask yourself why you came here on this forum in the first place.

Its been 10 years...Do we get back?
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on Mar 7 2014 at 14:23
Member since: 27 December 2013
Sure it can!

Only be sure to know this is NOT the same person he/she was 10 years ago.

The "connection" you have is from the PAST. Hopefully a successful career, health, emotional growth, and finances have all matured over this time.

See if you still connect TODAY.

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