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Boyfriend vs bestfriend / roommate

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on Mar 11 2014 at 04:09
Member since: 11 March 2014
Relationship advice I've been living with my roommate for about 6 years and our current lease is up in June. I have been in a serious relationship with my boyfriend for a year and a half and we've been recently talking about getting a place together. His lease is up in December. I talked to my roommate today about not renewing our lease, and she said she can't afford to live on her own and save money. I suggested renewing the lease for 6 months and then my boyfriend and I can get a place together, but she doesn't want to move during the holidays, so we should renew it for a year so she can save a little more. I'm feeling stuck because she's my best friend and I don't want to leave her up a creek without a paddle, but I don't want to renew the lease for another year. Any suggestions? And my boyfriend can't move up here because it is WAY too far from his work.
Boyfriend vs bestfriend / roommate
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on Mar 11 2014 at 04:28
Member since: 29 December 2013
Sing, if your relationship with your BF is really serious, you'll do what you have to do to be with him.

Sure, your friend is your best friend but you've offered a caring and considerate solution and she's knocked it back. So effectively, she has put herself up the creek without a paddle.

She also needs to realize that your living arrangements with her were always going to come to an end one day, even after 6 years.

Which ever way you go, it will determine just how important your BF is to you because your relationship with him has bought this issue about in the first place.

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