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Worrying behaviour

- Mar 18 2014 at 06:16
Member since: Mar 2014
Relationship advice Hi I know what my gut is saying but just thought id try get a few opinions. Been with my girlfriend for just over a year now. She is usually always on her phone doing something. If I have ever said something she would hand me the phone and say here have a look I have nothing to hide. Its never really bothered me until recently. I have caught her going through my phone a few times which personally doesn't bother me but I found it quite strange that she has started doing this (or maybe I've only just found out and she has been doing it for ages ) Anyway yesterday she handed me her phone to look at a web page she wanted to show me we were talking away and without really thinking I started looking at the rest of the pages she had open and she just went off in a fit of rage saying how dare i look at her phone who the hell do i think I am. Then started going off about how my ex sent me a message a few days after we got together.. over a year ago !! Wth why would she even need to bring that up ? Should I be concerned or is it just a girls privacy thing ?

Worrying behaviour

- Mar 18 2014 at 07:39
Member since: Dec 2013
Be concerned because your Gf is insecure and more so, if she's ranting about an issue a year issue she's never put to bed properly.

If you've 'caught' her going through your phone, then it's plain as day, she doesn't trust you. And if she's only going through the motions by handing her phone to you then it tells you everything about her controlling ways.

If she doesn't trust you then why bother being with her? Why bother having to go through the childish hassle of having your phone checked by her?

If you can't be yourself in the relationship, and have her not trust and respect you after 12 months, then why bother?

Worrying behaviour

- Mar 18 2014 at 12:45
Member since: Dec 2013
I agree.

If she constantly has to go thru your phone to check your faithfulness, then drop her.

It's just not normal and certainly not right.

Get a gal with more confidence.

Worrying behaviour

- Mar 19 2014 at 05:44
Member since: Apr 2014
Rules in a relationship should be same right? If as per her she has the right to look at your phone why you shouldn't have the right to look at hers? There is surely something fishy here. Speak out to her openly. Any relationship needs trust to work out.

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