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Need help!

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like the others im having problems with my relationship. before I would tell you my problems, I want you to know that im in a lesbian relationship. my partner is a girl. we have been together for about 3 years plus now. we were friends at the beginning and after 3 months she proposed to me to be her gf. we stayed together as we were in the same university. the first two years were the best moments in my life. everything was perfect. we cherished every moment we had. it was wonderful to be by her side. Everything were perfect. we had fights in between but we managed to get back together. we were very intimate and loved each other so deeply for the first two years. then during the third year, we had many big fights that involved violence that is hitting each other. we would fight so bad and then in a day or two we would get back together. during the third year, we no longer had intimate moments. we kissed but no longer had moments on bed. During this time my partner would ask for break up saying that we no longer love each other. and we were just acting like friends. my partner was having her own problems involving her studies and also family problems. that made her angry and moody. after she finished her studies she went to study at a different place. we met almost during every weekends. And we became more like friends, we kissed but she said that she couldn't feel the love anymore and we must break up and just remain friends. I really love her a lot and want her back, each time she say she wants to break up, I will go to her and act like nothing happened between us. I don't want to lose her. and she cares for me a lot. she said that I mean a lot to her. but she just don't love me as her gf anymore. she said that she is not attracted to me like how she did last time. it really breaks my heart hearing her say that she don't love me anymore and its the best we go on our own way and remain as best friends. I don't want to just be her friend, I want to be her everything and be her gf, her partner. what should I do? I really want her to fall in love with me again. and im willing to change my serious this time. is there chances I would get her back again? I want to live with her till the end. This is wad both of us wanted in the beginning. nw she says that when she kisses me, she no more feel anything. her reason to break up is that she don't love me as her partner anymore and the relationship is not moving forward, its in the same place. she wants us to remain as friends.and wants me to find a better partner. can you pls help me ? im lost and heart broken. I want to win her back.

Need help!

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Stop torturing yourself you cannot win her back....

She is gone....and by you changing yourself will only freak her out ....and is self destructive for you...

You sound in shock and really hurt naturally....

My advice is to walk away from her..... You cannot be friends either.... disaster!!!

You will not be able to do that.... and I do feel that you will be secretly hoping she will change her mind.... you will not be able to cope when she meets another.... and you will get more and more hurt by this....

Think about what she said to you... she is being very clear on where she stands.... listen

Can you really be with someone who does not fancy you anymore? You will be and are destroying all the good years together..... you do not have to go to this dark place.....

Walk away time goes buy the pain will get weaker .....eventually it is gone....

Heartache is all part of life.....
You will come out of this a stronger person and the net girl will be lucky to have you.... you will be wiser.

Do not let this crap eat at you and your self worth...... do not do this to yourself, your hurt your angry, rejected, understandably so give yourself some time to heal....

Need help!

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Why do you allow yourself to be treated like that? Apparently she has lost that loving feeling - yet you persist like a child.

This groveling is very unbecoming. You must stop it and get on with your life.

Sorry - but it's over. Accept that.

Need help!

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Maybe she needs a break. After 3 years, if you are not ready for a serious relationship in the first place, just a year can be overwhelming which could be why there are so many bumps in the road. Usually when someone suggests being best friends, they still want to be close to you. I would just take it slow, give it some time, and be there as her friend. Just being there for her will make all the more difference. Good luck princess.

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