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Did I do something to upset my teacher?

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Hi, I'm 17 years old and I attend college. I have an English lesson twice a week. Mostly males attend my class and I am one of 3 females. There's this boy In my class that I think might like me, I am NOT interested in this person whatsoever, but he came and sat next to me during one of our classes, he's quite loud along with the other boys and one other girl, I'm very quiet and I keep to myself, anyway, we were just talking and laughing and my teacher comes up to me and asks me if I mind this boy sitting next to me, I said I don't mind and the boy said " yeah sir she likes me" (even though I don't) but there's one girl in my class that likes to draw attention to herself and sits with the loud boys, but not once has my teacher ever asked her if she's ok with them sitting next to her. My teacher is very chatty with everyone else in my class, but from the beginning of the term I've noticed he never looks me in the eye but he does with everyone else, the only time he has made eye contact was when he asked me if I was ok with the boy sitting with me. We had some work to do and once everyone finished we handed our papers to our teacher, he quickly looks at everyone's paper and gives it back to them, but when I gave him mine he started circling everything saying it's wrong and I shouldn't have done this and that, STILL not making eye contact even when he shoved the paper in my hand he just looked away, I was stood there longer than everyone else. I'm not sure if he's angry with me.

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