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Unsure what to do

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Relationship advice Alright my husband and I where together for 3 1/2 years our son just turned 2 the other day and we've been split up for six months. We broke up because I told him I felt like I wasn't in love with him, but the reality was I felt guilty because 8 months prior I had gotten drunk and cheated on him with his best friend, he doesn't know that though. About three months ago a new guy started working at my job and we became friends my son absolutely loves this guy and they are buddies. well on Valentines Day he bought me flowers and asked me out so I decided I'd give him a shot. We'll now I miss my husband but I have no idea if he'd take me back and I don't want to take my boyfriend and son away from each other I'm completely lost on what to do.

Unsure what to do

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I think you have to question your actions here?

Why did you have an affair with his friend!!!!!

Now you dating a guy you work with !!!!

Aren't they both a little crossing boundaries.....

What is going on for you?

From what I read you want neither men.
You are not open to this new guy at all...... he is filling in ....helping out....etc

Think clearly about you relationship to your hubby what the hell happened for you to cheat?? you need to figure this out.....

I'd also think you need to be honest with your husband if you are thinking of contacting him....

I think you got to tell this new guy that it is too soon for you.... that you are sorry and that you don't want him bonding with your child..... that is putting pressure on you.... you know you can loose years doing that....

You need some thinking space where you can make a clear decision that is not mixed in with guilt over you being the bad guy!!!!

Really ask yourself what do you want?

Then ask yourself isn't forgiveness.....

Forgive yourself......

Unsure what to do

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Rule Number ONE for dating moms:
Never expose dates or lovers to the kids before knowing what is going on in the relationship. And WAIT for a long time before even doing that.

Now you are in a mess . . . . So teach your son that friends will come and go in his life and this "mommy's friend" went on to (work, school, etc.) He is two and will forget him soon.

You need to stand ALONE for a while - without a man - and decide what you really want. You have done some foolish things and moved too fast. Go to counseling before you ask your husband back. You don't seem ready to settle down - there's been three men in such a short time!! And now you want husband back.

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