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Was there actually anything going on?

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on Apr 17 2014 at 22:03
Member since: 17 April 2014
Relationship advice I know a girl who i quite like. We knew each other for a while, as she is best mates with my housemate’s girlfriend. But it’s only a couple months ago when we got to know each other better. The housemate’s girlfriend kind of set us up, as she had apparently been interested in me for a while, but to “shy” to ask or do anything on her own.

When we first got together we were quite chatty and close. Although I keep doubting myself as if she is actually interested in talking to me, or just being polite. We have "hooked up" so to speak a couple of times. But recently it seems like she is avoiding me and/or ignoring me, and I’m not sure why. I have asked if things are ok between us, and she just says things are fine. But for the past 2 months nothing has happened. I very rarely see her now, and when i text/call it seems to take forever for me to get a response. Sometimes I don’t.

Is she "done" with me? Were we actually together? Am I reading too much into this, and should I confront her about it?

Before any of this happened, i wasn't to interested in this side of my life. But now it seems its the only thing i can think about.

Was there actually anything going on?

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on Apr 17 2014 at 22:55
Member since: 17 April 2014
I think the best thing you can do right now is give it some time. I know you wan to call her and text her on daily basis but its probably only going to push her away seeing that she is not responding to you.

If she is attracted and curious about you then she will text or call you. If she doesn't then you should just take it as she is not into you. But during the time you wait or giving space. go back to the things that you used to do, your "normal" life and have fun. If she doesn't come around you'll have easier time moving forward with the time you have given yourself too.

If she does call you don't go back to the always responsive and being needy guy. Focus on your life first and make time for her. Until its gets serious take care of yourself first.

Was there actually anything going on?

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on Apr 18 2014 at 04:56
Member since: 13 April 2014
Sweet Vildar,

It seems to me that ever since you both "hooked up," things took a complete turnabout, and now, she appears as cold as a fish in the murky water. Perhaps she feels it may have been a mistake, or maybe something happened between you And between the sheets that Only you and her know about, or even she has had second thoughts of "second helpings," and doesn't want to get involved with you.

I am seeing a red raised flag here, and I honestly don't think she wants to go on with your friendship, Nor anything else at this point. She is giving all the signs of a woman who is blowing you off, so rather keep lowering your self respect, might I suggest you leave her alone for now, and move on to someone who you can "actually be together with," and-----"is interested in your side of life with you."

Good luck.xx

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