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He loves me, he loves me not?

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Relationship advice So I like this guy and he is confusing me beyond belief . We just started talking a little over a month ago but communication doesn't seem to be a problem : we text and talk in school almost daily , he even walks me to my classes . I was very on and off about him sometimes though because I have never liked anyone as much as I like him and he seemed like he wasn't interested. But then he admitted to liking me , and not just once but at least three times at different points . But recently over Spring Break , we didn't communicate at all and I feel like that threw us off because he seemed a little distant . And I had no idea why . This lead to me moping about it which someone saw and told him to which he says he just wants to be friends because he's in a relationship . This obviously devastated me because I like him , he told me he liked me , and now he's saying he just wants to be friends . When we talked about it , I knew I couldn't put myself through that kind of torture so I just didn't respond . A few hours later , he told me he didn't want to lose me and that with all the time we spent he does have feelings for me . On another note , I only have like five friends I've shared the fact that I have a crush on him . And only one of them likes him . Now I know this could be a red flag but the one that likes him actually KNOWS him which the other four do not . I really like this guy but he's been in a semi-long(a couple months) relationship with a girl I don't know personally . I don't want to be that girl who forces him to break it off or that is like a rebound because I already understand if he did it to one girl , he could very well do it to you . My point is what should I do about the girlfriend thing (by the way , I'm single)? What should I do about the just friends thing? Should I trust my friends opinions even though they barely know him? And what do I do now? I've been stressing over this since I found out he had a girlfriend and I just made this account a few minutes ago literally to ask this question, all opinions are taken into consideration so thanks in advance for at least trying to help me .

He loves me, he loves me not?

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Look - he is NOT free to be talking to you or any other girl about starting up something new.

So tell him to back off and - if he should ever be available - maybe you will be free to start up again.

I am wondering why you didn't figure this out for yourself. ANY TIME a guy is involved with someone - "going with", dating, engaged, married - he is NOT available to start up something.

He is cheating on HER right now by talking like this to you. He WILL cheat on you, too.

Look at his character!!!

He loves me, he loves me not?

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Dear Friend,
I so relate to your problem....Girl run!!! I spent 3 years on a he loves me he loves me not life. Don't end up like me. You deserve to be loved!!! 3 years from now you will be so mad at yourself for allowing someone to play with your emotions. He's stringing you along. Listen to your gut instincts because he's just using you to build his ego.

Good luck and Godspeed!!!

He loves me, he loves me not?

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With the current state of affairs I'd highly recommend not getting into a relationship with this person

They are caught in indecision of their feelings. This is very bad, it indicates they cannot distinguish between who they love and who they want to be friends with. They don't have a strict definition, feeling or just anyway to tell they are distinctly in love with someone. Which causes this confusion in he has feelings for both of you, when he really needs to pick one over the other.

From this point there are a few things you could do:
1) You continue to be friends with him. Which is perfectly fine thing to do, as long as you don't plan on getting into a relationship with him soon. As he is caught in this indecision and will most likely hurt you emotionally if he still has this indecision while your in a relationship with him. If you still want to pursue this path of getting into a relationship with him you can wait a while, I'm talking like maybe around a year or so to see if he gets into any relationships to see if this wears off. Since people do change over time, it is possible for him to learn his lesson over that extended period of time. But I would make sure he has learned for be more decisive if you choose to take that plan of action.

2) If you can't cope with your feelings of not being in a relationship with him then try to minimize interaction with him. This will make it easier to get over your feelings for him, as little things as possible to make you remember him basically. Then after those feelings have subsided if you still feel like you want to be friends and your feelings won't relapse go ahead and be friends again if that is still an option, that you want to pursue.

In summation: Don't get into a relationship with him any time soon if it becomes available, let time run its course with either being friends or getting over these feelings.

Ultimately what you do is up to. Those are opinions and thoughts on the actions you could take.

Have a nice day.

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