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well i have been with my boyfriend for 10 months... previous to this i was with my first love, he broke my heart and i dont think i ever really got over him before i met my present man. we have had 10 odd months, i love him more than anything and hes everything "maerialistically" i want in a guy however we always argue, and its always me who starts them.... and i dont know why.... everything thing he does annoys me, and i can find faults in nearly everything he does. why am i doing this when we could be so good together. ? i dont think i want us to end because i wouldnt want anyone else. in bed he's all for himself, he never wants to do anyting for me and when i mention this he goes off in a strop, hes not romantic or loving and yes its making me paranoid like im not good enough for him. i am so down im so depressed i just dont know what to do other than finish it but i dont want to do that either. anyone got any ideas?

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