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Leave my girlfriend or not!? Idk what to do..

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Relationship advice Here is a back story on myself and current relationship:
I am 23 years old and have been dating my girlfriend for almost a year. She is 19 and is a really sweet girl. She is the last person I would want to hurt because I care about her very much. In love? I am not sure.. she is an awesome girlfriend in so many ways. Supports my interests, calls me after shes off work, likes me for my personality, and is really cute. But sometimes I wonder if the spark is there.

So a few weeks back I met this REALLY cute blonde girl (18 yrs old) at this anime convention and we only talked for five minuets or so because she had to leave with some friends. But she told me how much she liked my hair and mentioned that I was cute. I was hooked so much that after the convention, I found her on Facebook and noticed she had a boyfriend which I saw have been dating for almost 2 years! But I did not feel that bad because I had a girlfriend as well. I sent her a message and she was really excited as she put hearts all over and wrote my name (followed by a friend request).
After a while, she told me to text her and I did. We started texting and flirting and she mentioned hanging out. I live over 2 hours away from her so I asked her if she wanted to skype and she said yes. We skyped for over 2 and a half hours talking about video games and cosplay(stuff I really like) among other things. She asked if I had a girlfriend and I had to say yes.. she looked kind of bummed at first, but she said "Is it weird that I don't think differently of you?" I said no and we kept talking. She told me that she wants to meet up again and that if we met up, she would kiss me and more stuff would happen (if I was cool with it) and me being a dude, of course I am.. She said we could keep it a secret and that she mentioned dating in the future..

BUT I have a girlfriend and have never cheated on anyone so I am not sure what to do. This blonde girl is sooo attractive and I really want to meet up with her because I am all goo goo gaga right now. I feel like if I don't go and hang out with her, I will regret it later when I am older. But I don't want to hurt my current girlfriend because I do care about her a lot and I know she would be devastated if I told her what I am going to do or what I already did. Also on a side note, the blonde girl is going to college in another state this fall across the country.. but something kind of tells me to go meet up with her still.

What should I do!?

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