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My ex says he needs space?

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my ex and I were together for three years before things started to get complicated between us. This was because rumours started to spread that he had cheated on me with someone else. This broke out loads of arguments between we. We couldn't take it anymore so separated. We then started talking again and got back together but at the same time I was arguing a lot with my mum and I would take all my anger out on him. He then broke up with me because he couldn't deal with it anymore. We started talking again a week later but he says he needs space to think about what he wants before he jumps into a relationship with me. My head is in a much better place now and I don't lash out at people anymore because my relationship with my mum has improved. // but with him making me wait do you think he will come back? Or am I just holding on to nothing with him to eventually turn around and say 'no I don't want to be with you?' And throughout this space do I contact him or wait for him to say something to me first?

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