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Is it possible to get back together...

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Relationship advice Just a little background information to start:
My boyfriend and I broke up about a month and a half ago. Up until then we had been dating for over 7 and a half years - from high school, through college. He graduated college a year ago and we had talked about getting engaged and were actively looking to by a house together. I guess we just became fairly distant for awhile before the breakup and really distant the month before, but neither of us really did anything to try and stop that. Of course because of that we started having far more arguments, about nothing to significant. During the last argument, he finally just ended it and said he wasn't into the relationship any more -- but clearly neither of us were. I still loved him, I just think the flame burnt out a bit and we should have made an effort to change that.... So, any way now we are broken up....

We lived together for three years before the break-up, so before I left with the last of my stuff we were hugging and both were crying. During that time he asked if we could still text. I had said I didn't think we should, but of course for the first month after we broke up, I made all the typical mistakes of acting far to needy and desperate by texting him all the time, trying to fix things. He made several comments during that time like "I just need time" and "I didn't say this wouldn't ever work". Anyway, after reading some articles online, I decided to give him time and not contact him and was starting to feel better about everything. After 3 days, he texted me and we had a normal conversation. I of course probably read to much into this and thought it surely indicated that he was thinking about me still and it made me feel good for that day. The next day, I just texted him that I didn't think we should talk anymore and he almost got a bit angry about it saying "K, I won't talk. Whatever".

My plan now is just to follow the "no contact rule" and not talk to him for the next month, in hopes that it will bring us both clarity. I guess, I'd like to get others opinions on what he is thinking or what you've gone through in the past... I feel like there is a chance that we will be able to try any work through this, but maybe I shouldn't feel this way.

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