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Husbands past kills me

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Hello so basically I am pissed and hurt and want to make my husbands life miserable! Okay no I don't but at the moment I feel like I do. So we've been married 8 months I'm happy but sometimes I remember his past and it pisses me off. Okay so before we met he was with this one chick who lived with him and then kicked out because she was a bitch. Then he was "helping" his friend who was pregnant she was also like and ex from middle school, the baby wasn't his he was just helping because she was a whore and her baby daddy and ass and didn't really want to be there. Well apparently when the baby was born he named it. He basically helped her with it and baby sat and even took him to the actual's dad's house. Because they were going out. Dumb ass. Mind you this was like right after high school. And I knew all this before because he told me and well I had a life before him. Not crazy because my family is an old school type. So of course men get to fuck around and then get the decent girl when they want to settle and we get the already used guy. So not to long ago we were watching this tv show and this pregnant lady and her husband were going to do it, Well I kinda asked him if he had, I was joking, but he said he had. He slept with the pregnant chick and it want even his kid in there!! Ugh it makes me sick! It pisses me off that I saved everything for him and all I wanted was one thing we would do together for the first time that non of us had done before. You would think that would be it idk I always thought that to be something sacred but I guess not. Now I have nothing like that he took everything of mine and I got seconds. I feel really upset if we ever have kids I don't want him naming them and well he already had sex with a pregnant chick so there is no need for him to get near me if we have kids. Idk why it upsets me so much but it does. Uhhh it's good to vent but tell me how do I deal with this? Thank you

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