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What's wrong with my girlfriend or is it me

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leT me is start off by saying my girlfriend and I been together a total of 6 years a year ago we had a baby girl together we also were living together.
the relationship started out of my meeting at work she was engaged she came up to me after only talking to me maybe 20 minutes total of the month we work together.she whispered in my ear my fiance and I have An agreement that we can sleep with one other person before we get married she said she wanted to sleep with me we hooked up then we started hooking up a lot she said that her and her fiance were breaking up and that she loved me I was the best thing that ever happened to her within two weeks of the first time we hooked up. So we started dating and within 3 months I caught her on the phone with her ex fiance saying she would tell me she was going to the dog park when she was really going to meet him. We stayed together. She said she loves me and she wanted to get married to me then out of the blue all week later she left a note saying she was moving out. She moved to her parents house 2 hours away and started seeing someone within a week Of moving out. then we started talking and got back together we dated long distance for about a year and she was saying she love me more than anything and that she wanted to get married soon so we could have a baby. She sent me a text Saying that she couldn't wait to wake up laying on my chest looking at her beautiful engagement ring on her finger literally 8 hours later she said she wants to break up she doesn't love me she doesn't even like me I'm the worst thing that ever happened to her leave her alone do not contact her. Then 5 days later she was dating a guy on Facebook and saying she loved him and was already calling him babe and was staying at his house four nights a week. After about 2 months of not wanting to contact me.she starts telling me that she wants to see me he is horrible in bed and she wants to have sex with me but doesn't want a two pump chump Like He is. so she started cheating on him with me but starts telling me she loves me she doesn't love him but he's a good guy and She doesn't want to break up with him. her family like them andhe has a house and a good job. Then she would contact me still telling me she loves me and doesn't know what to do and told me she was leaving him so we continued to sleep together.after about 2 months of her cheating on him with me she came back to me about 5 months later she got pregnant with my baby everything was good she told me she loved me and wanted to marry me she had the baby she moved in with me and became very depressed cried at least 3 times a day said I didn't help at all with the baby even though I took care of her a lot while I wasNt at work.then she started working nightsso when I got off work I watched the baby until 130 or so when she got off work she became very suspicious with her phone she used to just leave it out I asked me to hand it to her when somebody text or called all the sudden she had it on her 24 /7 I checked it one time and she had a password on it I asked her why she said cuz the baby could accidentally dial someone but you had to press a button then swipe the screen for That to even happen. then I checked your purse and she had Love notes from a female co worker that was 15 years older than her and she had never shown signs of Being Attracted to the opposite sex. The love noteS said they were madly in love they couldn't wait to get married they've never met anyone who made them feel that way. So I called her out on it she said I wasn't emotionally there that girl made her feel good. So I started a date night to fix the emotional problem. She said it was over with that girl then three weeks later I still found notes. Then she started to become very mean hostile. Saying things to me I wouldn't say to my worst enemy saying I was fat ugly disgusting no girl will ever love me. I told her someone had to move out because this was toxic. Then she would go back and forth saying I love you I want our family to work then next day I hate you I never even liked you.when she was gone she called me and said she felt super disgusting cuz she found something out but she didn't want to tell me what it was over the phone when she got To my house ask her to tell me she said she doesn't know how. Then later that night I found a prescription in her purse I looked it up it was for herpes. I asked her about it. All she did was get mad that I went in her purse. When I came back home after leaving. She said the medicine was because she felt a lump in her breast and they prescribe her that I looked it up and there is no reason why the two would correlate. I just brought it up to her recently and she forgot her first lie she said she went to the doctor because she saw bumps the doctor prescribed her that not knowing what the bumps where then a test came back that it was an allergic reaction to soap. I figure the doctor would know the difference By sight. Plus she would have told me then at least within 3 days not 5 months later with a totally different story. We tried to work things out she was telling me that I was the only one that gets her the only one she's ever truly loved said after she gets out of school in 10 months she wants to move back in with me try to have another baby. The very next day she wants to break up says she never love me she wishes I was dead she never even like me said the last 5 years I made her miserable. Three days later on Facebook she's talking about a guy that makes her so happy they are already talking about getting a house together. Then he went back to his ex and she's already dating another guy we've only been broken up 1 month. That's 2 guys in one month in love with both after breaking up with a guy she started a family with and supposedly wanted to marry

What's wrong with my girlfriend or is it me

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Hello BigDog,

Ok I know that by what I read you must be really depressed by this situation, but I can't still understand what the hell you are doing.
So by what you wrote I think you have already made your mind and have at least the little notion that that girl is pure POISON!
That girl you love so much is a snake and she will eat you alive!
Trust me deep inside you already know that you have to run. I don't know what she is thinking and what are you thinking to do with that woman.
Seriously a baby in a relationship like that?
Ok take a deeeeep breath! A very deeeep one.
Read this text again. Look all the mess she has made in your life for 6 years. For 6 years of your life you where literelly her toy.
If this isn't enough look at baby child. You love her very much don't you? Is this the life that you want her to have? Do you want a mother like that for your baby?
Put yourself on your daughter's skin, when she will be older and see her mother by what she trully is. With random guys and with a pitty life.
Stand that head of yours. Put her OUT of your life. She is sucking your life away.
Change town, try to keep that precious little thing with you and give her all the love she needs, toss out everything that remembers her so you don't remember her so often, change phone number, delete your facebook if it has too, change town and grow up a new life away. Do everything you have too but you NEED to get her away.
Also I think she needs a psychiatrist help. This woman actions aren't normal at all.
Think about this :)

What's wrong with my girlfriend or is it me

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Nobody would want you but yet her lying behind had a baby with you :) first things first go get tested because she is sleeping with anybody who so much as smiles at her

Next thing go talk to a lawyer about getting full custody of your young one.. do not delete any messages or voice mails from her and I might even say put a recording device on yourself or in the house so when she emotionally abuses you it's on tape.All this can be used in court later.

stop having sex with her she is a walking disease from the sounds of protect yourself before she catches something that can't be washed of and that baby loses both parents early from an STD.

She isn't fit to raise your child with her emotional issues and mood swings... do you have a relative or a way to afford a sitter/daycare if you do take the baby full time and kick the mother out??

Plan your escape wisely my dear :) best of luck

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