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Don't know what to do

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on Nov 10 2008 at 11:04
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Relationship advice i need some advice about a guy im with i met him 3 years ago on line and at first we really hit it off he used to call me every day and we would chat for hours. we met a few weeks later with my friends and things just went from there, he lives in london im in birmingham, after a few months of being together we started arguing bout the baby father because he was still on the scene we were still friends when we broke up and he used to come and get the kids and we would talk bout the kids but my boyfriend didnt like the fact that i was still friends with him so things got a bit awkward talking to him whilst my boyfriend was around so i talked to him whilst he wasnt around ,there was nothing in it i didnt want him back but when my boyfriend found out we would argue and he would be quite aggressive with me. after that as time went on i locked off the baby dad because it was causing to many problems between me and him and then i started finding out that he was joining dating sites and chatting to other woman. i had girls ringing his phone off the net,people he had met on the bus i had to call them and tell them i was his woman and that they should stop foneing him ive had to see girls pics on his laptop that girls have sent him and pics when he as been away of girls at the bus stop and girls he has pics with in a bar he eyes up girls in my face. i broke up with him several times but went back because i loved him now i think it has stopped but since i got back with him in feb i just dont trust him if he is in a club i ring him up having a go at him im upset everyday because im always wondering what he is up to even if he might be doing nothing he says it s paranoia. we are always arguing in the week when we are not together but when we meet up at weekends we are fine i cant help but keep on bout things. he does things and says things that upsets me and says its all my fault and that he doesnt do anything wrong when i nag at him he says i am being disrespectfull and im abusing him but i really aint i love this guy off and really want it to work but i just dont trust him. recently he helped me out with some money i didnt ask him for it but he said he wanted to help me and i should pay it back when i can but he rubs it in my face everyday and says he wants it all back he also threatends me alot too i dont know what to do the other night he went out with his friend i didnt know he had gone out but his phone was off and i tried to call him i texted his friend and he said his battery had gone and he had left the other fone in the car then he rang me and said his battery had gone and i asked why he couldnt have texted me off his mates fone to tell me that but he said i just want to cause and argument and im talking shit and disrespecting him. he called me yesterday and said that he is sick of me being this way with him that i do not respct him and that i should pay him everything back and fuckoff i have tried to tell him that i dont disresect him that i love him i just dont trust him but he doesnt see anything wrong in what he does and blames me he wont listen to me im so hurt by him i have never cheated on him or been interested in another man. every one has told me to leave him i can do better. i could go on and on bout things he has done but i dont have enough room he told me the girls on the net were reactions to how i was with the baby dad but i didnt do anything with him. he goes on the phone e.g to sky to get a sky box and he starts chatting up the girl on the fone when she was calling him when we got back together he said "i didnt give her my number she got it off the computer and called me out of the blue" the last weekend i went there he had a whole pack of comdons in his top draw that u get free i asked him why he had them because we have never used them he said im just trying to talk shit again. all these things is why i dont trust him thats why i keep having ago at him but he says i have wasted his whole year and that all the arguing has been all my fault i have had him arrested before because of his threatening and turning up at my house and sitting outside for an hour he still threatends me to come down and fill my face in everytime we argue and he gets angry all this has had a big affect on me but i do love him and i have always stuck by him and put him before everone but when i tell him that he says im talking rubbish ive never been there.i dont know what to do anymore please give me some advice.
Don't know what to do
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on Nov 11 2008 at 04:31
Member since: 11 November 2008
the problim is that yur fucked up. tell them both to beat the shit outta you together, then mosta yur probs will go away. then get smashed and smoke a little weed and do a 3-way with both and yull feel reel good again, ok?

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