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What should I do when my boyfriend doesn't spent time with me?

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We are dating for 2 months and only went on a date twice . We study in the same college and our house is just 2 mins walk . He in his master and i am in bachelor .
We don't spent time together , we only meet when he is free that means really late in evening. When i ask if he want to hang out with me and my friends , he kept telling me he doesn't know any of them so he will feel uncomfortable with them . But actually that is the reason why i want him to hang out with them .
He never introduce me to his friends . We went to the same college but sometime i didn't see him almost 1week or maybe more than 1 week. Btw our college really SMALL , u will know most of people in school.
I told him a lot of time that i want him to spent more time with me but in the end he always hang out with his friends on weekend . we respect other privacy , i never ask him to spent 24hour with me but go on a date for few hours already hard for him .
Now i ask him for a break in our relationship to think about my relationship .
What should i do ?? Should i break up with him or give him another chance ?

What should I do when my boyfriend doesn't spent time with me?

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I'm going to make some cross-reference to Dave36's advice here:
1. He does consider he's your bf, he's just uncomfortable with hanging out with new people
2. "Don't beg for attention" Yes, however "never tell a boy you want him to spend more time with you" That's terrible and sexist. If you want a healthy relationship always make it clear what you want, don't beat around the bush.

Now onto my opinion.
I think this relationship is pretty one sided. You're putting in a lot of effort, but he's not putting that much effort in. For a relationship to work you must interact with each other, or there's no point to it. Your desires are not unreasonable, if you wanna hang out, however he isn't really trying to address those desires in anyway.

Have you tried asking him if you can hang out with his friends?

If every attempt to ask him to spend time with you fails and this aspect of the relationship is a deal breaker to you then you need to make it clear to him it won't work out. As such I would give him a second chance, you should always give a person a second chance to sort things out, if you want it to work out.

Come to some sort of agreement where you can interact more. May it be him stepping outside his comfort zone getting to know your friends or you being allowed to make friends with his friends. Or even some sort of middle ground were it's just the two of you often enough to satisfy your needs in the relationship.

I suppose you also need to take into account how much studying he has to do, and how much free time he actually has. So in that regard maybe some of your desires would have to be attuned to that. Even then he should still be spending more time with you than he is now.

What should I do when my boyfriend doesn't spent time with me?

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Something is very suspicious here.

He does not seem to want to put any energy into this "relationship". So you really don't have one with him.

Look at the reality: He avoids your life and friends, can't see you except late at night, does not take you out, prefers to hang out with his own friends, can't spend more than a few hours with you???

There is no relationship here except what you imagine. Move on and find a nice fella who can pay attention to you.

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