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I'm in love with my ex boyfriend, but so confused by his behavior

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Relationship advice Men please give me advice?
We dated for 8 years. Were both in our early 30s.
We did not speak for almost a year since he broke it off. We've been speaking only for a few months.
He came over to give me a gift he got me in Spain.

We watched tv for a bit then he held my hand, and we started kissing a lot to the point where the next step is clearly sex...and then he stops and says " we don't have meaningless sex" "then says "you look really really good" he then asked me to walk him to the door and continued kissing me and then left...What in the hell does this mean?! He texts me randomly every few days... Is he confused?

I'm in love with my ex boyfriend, but so confused by his behavior

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I don't really understand your question to, is he confused? Do you mean in the sense he's not sure on his feelings? If he's confused, that implies you understand this situation? o.O

It clearly looks like he has a relapse of feelings for you, or still has had them. However it depends on if he classes kissing as majorly romantic, some people don't as such don't see it as a special thing to indicate major affection in the direction of a relationship status.
His comment on sex however implies he sees the act of sex as meaningful in a relationship. Thus it should be special and only for when you're in a relationship for a special reason such as sex for the purposes of having a child or some other reason he deems special.

I think all this indicates he is having a relapse in feelings. Texting you every few days may just be an indication he is busy on the odd day and can't speak or doesn't want to disturb you or seem clingy.

Now I'm confused as to what you think of all this? Do you want to get back with him? Does he want to get back with you? Maybe you should ask him if that's a point of interest for you. As he's shown actions implying he's back into you, you should ask a follow up question to see if he's interested again, no harm in trying and it's a logical thing to do.

I hope that helped in some way, good luck with your potential relationship, and have a wonderful day :)

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