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Party mayhem

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I agreed to host my dear friend's 50th birthday party. But, in the midst of planning, his girlfriend got upset about the party not reflecting her, complaining that most of the guests were my friends (also my friend's friends, just not anyone she wanted to invite to the party). Her upset became so intense that I agreed with our friend to postpone our party to another time for our friend and our mutual friends and she would host her own party with her own friends. Our friend was relieved, expressed gratitude and his girlfriend was appeased. ---------- It was difficult for us to postpone our party just one week prior, after all the effort and expense we had gone through, but our friend was relieved to find a way to appease his girlfriend. He was aware my/our friends would be told the party was postponed and I requested that he and his girlfriend be careful with the new invitations, so my guests didn't accidentally get one and learn that there had been any difficulties. He assured me he would be mindful.
Today, I learned that his girlfriend contacted my friends, personally via individual emails, and invited them to her party.

I am quite upset about this and am not sure my friend realizes his girlfriend not only went against our agreement, but also did something I thought was an etiquette taboo. Given these people weren't on her guest list and are good friends of mine, it seems rude she would make the contact.

Am I reading this wrong or over-reacting?
All of this transpired less than one week before the party and I am sitting here with decorations and party items feeling bulldozed.

Party mayhem

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Well, this is odd . . .

But I thought they were "my/our" friends.

Be the bigger person here, and let this go. Save the decorations for another party for a different person.

She has revealed herself, so be aware. I think this was a control issue on her part more that wanting to throw a good party.

Smile and carry on.

Party mayhem

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Hi I think your friend is lucky to have a friend as kind as you.

I agree that she felt uncomfortable with someone else you caring for her boyfriend that way and she felt it inappropriate.

I think you were genuinely being a mate and I am sure you are peed off at her OTT behavior.

I think she sees you as a treat and by you throwing him a party showed her up, it would be unbearable for her to let you go ahead.

I personally would stand tall everybody will know what happened and those that care don't matter, and those that matter don't care!!!

Be friendly and enjoy the party entertain her comment in a positive way on the do.

I guess your friendship with this man is been tested so be the friend and bier person.

Party mayhem

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The truth will come out! Manipulative, attention seeking women are always exposed at some point. And your honesty and sincerity will also shine. Maybe you could subtly mention it to your dear friend with what she did? Also your friends who she invited will also find out in due course. Continue proudly with your plans :)

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