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Should I Tell Her How I Feel?

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on Jun 3 2014 at 01:34
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Relationship advice I have been knowing a woman for the past nine years or so. I met her through my church. She lost her husband last August he drank himself to death over the loss of a job. Since about march I have started to develop feelings for her. She was married 25 years. She is 50yrs old and I'm 33. We have hanged out a handful of times with a mutual friend we share. We converse great, laugh together, and enjoy each others company. When we talk its mostly at church and she'll text me something random at times nothing romantic or serious. In one of our conversations she randomly brought up marriage and dating. She mentioned she doesn't want to be married again, doesn't want a relationship, and that she would rather remain single. her children 22male 19female 14female don't want her to be married again. I still enjoy the times we talk and hangout. I'm stuck with these feelings now and I don't know if I should tell her how I feel. I say that because I don't want to seem rude asking her to date when her husband just passed. I know the grieving process takes a good while. The kids seem to enjoy me ok. Should I tell her how I feel? Should I let the grieving process run its course? Should I let her adjust to being a single mom? Or should I abandon the whole situation? I don't have kids and have never been married or dated anyone with children. Nor have I dated anyone that much older than me. HELLPP!!!
Should I tell her how I feel?
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on Jun 3 2014 at 01:45
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Matty, if there's nothing coming back at you from her at present, then your feelings are yours and yours alone.

Give her time to grieve and also realise that age is just a number. Keep on enjoying your time together and listen to her when she states her opinion about marriage and dating because she's telling you where you stand at the moment.

Things could change in the future but for now, remain her friend if you can.

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